Where is Cary Stayner Now? All About Serial Killer

Where is Cary Stayner Now: The amazing story of the Stayner family, which began in 1972 when Steven Stayner, then 7 years old, was stolen by child predator Kenneth Parnell, is told in the Hulu documentary series Captive Audience.

Parnell sexually molested the youngster and conditioned him to believe that his loved ones had abandoned him. A pseudonym, “Dennis Parnell,” was also assigned to him. A miracle happened, however, in the year 1980. With the help of Timothy White, age 5, Steven Stayner managed to form Parnell’s care. After making it home safely seven years later, Steven Stayner naturally became a minor celebrity.

A few people, though, were not pleased to see him again. Cary Stayner, then 17, had some ideas, and his family is still trying to figure out what they were. Steven Stayner was killed in a motorcycle crash in 1989. Is it known if his older sibling, Cary Stayner, is still living? Maintain your course of study.

Who is Cary Stayner?

Cary Stayner was born in Merced, California in 1961; he is the eldest of the Stayner family’s five children. In the early 1970s, his family gained widespread notice when his younger brother, Steven, was abducted when he was 7 years old and detained for the next seven years. A report from 1999 in the San Francisco Chronicle suggested that Stayner was profoundly affected by his brother Steven’s ordeal, both really hoping for Steven’s safe return and afterward feeling overshadowed by his situation.

Stayner, now an adult and working as a handyman, said he felt “neglected” by his family during the years they spent looking for his lost brother. The motel outside Yosemite National Park where he worked as a handyman after being employed there in 1997 became his target.

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Where is Cary Stayner Now?

Cary Anthony Stayner claimed he had dreamed about gang rape and the death of women ever since he was about seven years old, long before his brother was abducted or even in danger. He had confided in a coworker that, despite being diagnosed with OCD, he was able to control his symptoms with the help of the occasional joint.

Adding insult to injury, Cary’s pal recalled seeing him bruise his hand in anger and admit that he was worried he was having a nervous breakdown.

Cary had told a reporter that he wanted a movie of the week made about his adventures, notwithstanding his not guilty by reason of insanity plea. He had seen the Steven Stayner one and wanted the same celebrity status.

The defense for Cary argued that the killings and his repulsive demand for child pornography in exchange for his confession were the culmination of his mental condition, family history, and earlier sexual abuse. While Steven was in captivity, an uncle allegedly assaulted him, and both of his parents and Cary’s parents died in the 1980s and 1990s.


A medical expert testified that Cary was legally competent despite suffering from OCD, slight autism, and paraphilia. On August 27, 2002, a jury found him guilty on four charges of first-degree murder and he was ultimately condemned to death. Cary Stayner, at 59 years old, is currently serving time at San Quentin State Prison.

Is Cary Stayner still alive in 2022?

Cary Stayner is, in fact, still very much with us. This man, now 60 years old, is being detained on death row at California’s oldest prison, San Quentin.

Following his conviction for first-degree murder on four charges in December 2002, Cary Stayner has been incarcerated in a death-row facility since then. The inmate is “not eligible for parole consideration,” as stated by the facility’s official website.


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