Emmerdale Spoilers: Emmerdale Fans Recognised Max From Here!

Two different soap opera universes merged on May 17, as observant viewers may have seen a recognizable character on Monday’s episode of Emmerdale. This is the first time that this has ever happened.

In the episode that airs tonight on Emmerdale, Aaron begged Liv to get in touch with Vinny and have another conversation with him, but Liv flatly refused to even contemplate the possibility.

Liv ended up talking to a seedy individual named Max after going to the bar because there was no alcohol in the house. She then extended an invitation to Max to accompany her back to her apartment with her.

However, while they were at Mill Cottage, Liv wasn’t interested in Max, so Aaron (Danny Miller), who was hosting, kicked Max out of the house before berating Liv for her recent behavior.

However, if any Emmerdale fans were watching tonight and thought that Max looked similar, it’s because the actor Will Barnett has previously starred on Coronation Street between the months of March 2018 and December 2019.

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On the ITV soap opera, Barnett portrayed the role of Tyler Jefferies, a member of a juvenile gang that terrorized the residents of the street and the one who was eventually found to be the father of Amy Barlow’s unborn child.

Emmerdale Spoilers

Liv just started drinking again as she continues to struggle with the secret guilt she feels over the death of Paul. She believes that she could have done more to attempt to save him after the car accident.

Vinny stormed out of the room the week before last when Liv acknowledged to him that she could have helped Paul while he was dying but that she chose not to.

In another part of tonight’s episode, Gabby took her time to show Kim the notepad that had gone missing. Kim, who was feeling woozy, went back to bed as soon as she could, and Gabby was horrified when she found out later that Noah had been listening in on their chat the whole time.

In a separate development, Ethan revealed to Charles that he plans to stop looking for his mother and instead begin living his life in the village to the fullest, while Victoria had a conversation with Ben and discovered that he is not as over Aaron as he appears to be.

ITV broadcasts new episodes of Emmerdale every weeknight at 7 o’clock, with an additional episode airing on Thursdays at 8 o’clock.

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