John Cena’s “Bulge” and Camaraderie Are Topics of Suicide Squad Cast Jokes!

The cast of “The Suicide Squad” has been discussing their time on the set in a very original manner in anticipation of the release of the picture in theatres throughout the UK the following week.

The imminent release of the DC movie was celebrated with a press conference that was quite entertaining. Because virtually the whole cast, as well as the writer and director James Gunn, as well as the producer’s Peter Safran and Charles Roven, were involved, there was one particular topic that ended up coming up over and over again, and that was John Cena’s “bulge.”

Following a query regarding the competition between Idris Elba’s Bloodsport and John Cena’s Peacemaker, Elba inquired as to whether or not the audience was interested in discussing a moment in the film in which Cena is seen wearing “tighty-whities.”

“Pete Davidson, who plays Blackguard, answered, “I watched a viewing of the movie, and you have a massive piece, brother,” while Michael Rooker, who portrays Savant, added, “You guys are all wrong. That wasn’t even a penis; it was just a piece of wood.”

Cena made a joke that what had actually occurred was that Gunn had used a “filter of some sort,” and it seemed like that was the end of the issue.

When asked whether improvisation on set was responsible for bringing the actors closer together, Joel Kinnaman, who will reprise his role as Rick Flag in the sequel/reboot, responded by saying that “especially John’s bulge, that really drew us all together.”

It was a subject that was brought up multiple times throughout the course of the press conference, most notably when Kinnaman stated that Peacemaker’s white pants were the “most absurd part of your costume.”

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Davidson made a joke about how all of his uncles who enjoy wrestling reacted by saying things along the lines of “I didn’t realize Cena was packing like that, dude.” “Every single one of my Italian uncles in their forties is fixated with your pot belly.”

john cena bulge

Even just these few moments at the press conference make it very evident that the cast of “The Suicide Squad” enjoyed a strong sense of camaraderie with one another. It appears that it originated not just during filming but even in the times in between filming as well.

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“There were some extremely fascinating [group] activities that were a lot of fun to participate in. To say that we did Atlanta in its entirety would be an understatement “Margot Robbie, who will be appearing again as Harley Quinn, was mentioned. “It was either one extreme or the other. There was no between ground. Parties with games or…”

The actor who plays Polka-Dot Man, David Dastmalchian, insisted that it was a “wholesome bunch,” while Kinnaman talked about a “very compromising karaoke film.” For a while, it appeared as though we wouldn’t be able to get to the other activities because of this.

But then Elba came in and asked the rest of the cast whether they remembered visiting the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta, which was a strip club. Gunn laughed and said, “That was the issue we were not going to bring up.”

“Once, the three of us went to a strip club… We were just sitting there and all these women were falling over Joel; it was very entertaining to see, but they didn’t pay any attention to Jai and me because they were too busy gushing over Joel. They just adored him so much “Davidson gave the explanation.

However, you shouldn’t be alarmed because it was actually for the benefit of the film, as a significant portion of The Suicide Squad was shot at the Clermont Lounge.

“One of my favorite sequences in the movie takes place at the Clermont Lounge. It serves as a stand-in for the interior of a brothel in Corto Maltese, and it’s where a group of these guys get to know each other a little bit better. The exterior was captured in Panama City, while the interior was captured at the Clermont Lounge “Gunn gave an explanation.

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