Tamara Mafs: The Reason Behind Tamara Djordjevic’s Fallout, According to Domenica Calarco!

“I think my relationship went sour after the photo drama definitely.”

Domenica Calarco, a star of the Australian version of Married at First Sight, has revealed what transpired between her and Tamara Djordjevic, claiming that their separation is related to the scandal surrounding Tamara’s OnlyFans account.

The make-up artist participated in the ninth season of the reality TV show, which is based on the concept of experts putting complete strangers together for the purpose of a social experiment that could lead to them being married.

During a recent question and answer session with her followers on her Instagram Stories, the former MAFS actress revealed that she and Djordjevic have become estranged from one another ever since Calarco’s NSFW picture was made public (via The Daily Mail).

Calarco shared with the people who follow her on Instagram the following statement regarding her friendship with Djordjevic: “I think my relationship went bad after the photo drama absolutely.”

“In speaking, and upon thought and viewing the show,” she continued, “it is evident that Tamara was going through a lot with Brent at the time.”

“It was quite evident that she did not wish to take part in the experiment, and I believe that decision affected her in a variety of ways; as a result, I can see why she behaved toward me in the manner that she did.”

Earlier on in this year, the New South Wales police looked into an allegation that a private image of Calarco had been shared online without her permission.

Tamara Mafs

Olivia Frazer, her competitor on the show, has been accused of revealing Domenica’s secret job as an OnlyFans model to their other cast members by obtaining and displaying a picture of her without her clothes on. Frazer stated that she had not known that the picture was protected by a paywall and that she had obtained it from a friend.

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In May of this year, Frazer also asserted that the show’s producers had fabricated a storyline around the incident for the television program.

“We couldn’t help but wonder whether the creators had purposefully put it there to possibly set up a storyline. Just recently, there was a scandal involving Simon Blackburn, “She claimed that.

“I believe the filmmakers purposefully left it all up as a trap in order to build a plot, which they were successful in doing,”

Tamara on Mafs New Boyfriend Rumours: “I Wish”

bombshell from Married At First Sight Tamara Djordjevic has denied rumors that she is dating a new man after being associated with an ex-co-star.

She made an appearance in the ninth season of the show and was paired with Brent Vitiello, but when the episode aired, viewers believed she was more interested in Mitch Eynaud.

But on Wednesday, the rumor mill So Dramatic stated that Tamara had moved on and was now seeing an ordinary guy from the Gold Coast.

“Tamara has a new man in her life. He is a Gold Coast fisherman “said a source on the website’s podcast.

Tamara swiftly refuted the allegations, posting a screenshot of the website on her Instagram Stories along with a sarcastic caption.

Tamara Mafs

She captioned the picture, “This story implies I have a boyfriend,” and added a black scribbling over the website’s address.

If only I knew who my partner was, he could go to the store for me because he’s a tradesman (how convenient).

Following her on-screen breakup with Brent, the reality star made it apparent that she knew nothing about this alleged boyfriend, indicating that she is still content to be single.

She has also recently been linked to Mitch Eynaud, another MAFS star, despite the fact that they both insist they are only friends.

Since the MAFS finale aired, Tamara and Mitch, who both reside on the Gold Coast, have been spending a lot of time together.

She even alleged that he drunkenly called her while still with TV bride Ella Ding during filming.

According to the So Dramatic source, the couple played up their alleged affair on social media to increase their celebrity, but it “backfired.”

According to the outlet, “it’s all phony for this tale they have been trying to peddle.

“Both of them have blown it out of proportion in the media in an effort to profit handsomely from this narrative. But because no media outlet was interested or concerned, everything ended up backfiring.”

We’re going to take Tamara’s denial of the rumors about her new relationship with a grain of salt as she already refuted the reports.

Mitch, meanwhile, doesn’t appear to require any assistance in earning the “big money” after launching his OnlyFans account and surging into the top 1% of producers.

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