Lauryn Top Boy: Who is the Top Boy Lauryn played by? Get to know Saffron Hocking!

Saffron Hocking has dropped hints that the fifth season of Top Boy would feature a significant confrontation between Lauryn and Sully.

After betraying Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson) by sharing their secrets with her then-boyfriend (and their enemy), Leyton, Lauryn had been exiled from Summerhouse and was now living in Liverpool by the time the fourth season aired. She had been expelled from Summerhouse because she had shared their secrets with Leyton (Kola Bokinni).

After that, Leyton made an effort to assassinate Sully while they were at a funeral, which is why it’s clear why they don’t want her around anymore.

At the beginning of this series, Lauryn was already pregnant with Curtis’s child, and their relationship had deteriorated to the point that it was unhealthy. Despite the risk that might have been waiting for her there, Lauryn couldn’t wait to get back to her own place.

Saffron stated that Lauryn will need to have a “confrontation” with Sully at some point, even though we didn’t really get to see that in season 4, speaking in an exclusive discussion with Digital Spy, Saffron said that Lauryn will need to have a “confrontation” with Sully.

She started off by saying, “I believe there needs to be a bit of a confrontation or some form of discourse and acknowledgment of what’s happened.”

“In this season, there is a scene at which she is in the house with Sully, Dushane, and Jaq, and you can see Sully sitting in the back of the house. Because, in my opinion, the circumstance at this moment is so much more serious than what has occurred in the past, he is not really saying too much.

“”Okay, I ratted out someone before, but now we have a psychopath prowling about when I’m carrying a child.” That is an attempt to take our lives in its entirety.”

Lauryn Top Boy

However, Kane has hinted that Sully will nurse his grudges, possibly even with Lauryn, and this is something that worries Kane.

Kane defined Sully as a person who will make you “pay” for what you have done to him in an interview that was conducted with Digital Spy.

He went on to Explain: “Sully’s response is typically something along the lines of, “Yeah, but you still have to pay for that stuff that you did last season that everyone’s forgotten about.”

“Sully would like to disrupt your business in every way possible in order to demonstrate to you that you will never be able to get away with what you’re doing. It’s the kind of person who, in twenty years, will still remember how you cheated him out of five pounds. You’re probably familiar with him, right?”

The fourth season of Top Boy is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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In Top Boy, Who Portrays Lauryn?

In the television series Top Boy, SAFFRON HOCKING is well recognized for her role as Lauryn, Jaq’s sister.

Who is Saffron Hocking, Who Plays Lauryn on the Show?

The most recent season of Top Boy catapulted Lauryn into the limelight and ultimately led her to Liverpool.

There, she became acquainted with Curtis (Howard Charles), who separated her from her family but ultimately allowed her to exact her vengeance on him.

Lauryn had been dishing information about Summerhouse out to a rival gang all along in order to help them.

Because of this, she was eventually kicked out of the gang, and after that, she developed into one of the most memorable characters in the series.

Saffron Hocking, an actress, has previously portrayed the role of Lima in the television show Smalltown.

Her other credits include London Kills and White Gold.

Fans may recognise her from the recently released Marvel series on Disney Plus, Moon Knight.

She portrays the part of Dylan in the show.

Since her appearance in Top Boy, the celebrity has been keeping busy because she is presently filming the TV show Riches.

She will portray Sasha in the upcoming programme.

The celebrity has discussed the factors that have contributed to Top Boy’s popularity over time.

Before being salvaged by rap icon Drake, the show’s first two seasons broadcast on Channel 4.

The show was revived by Netflix, and the first two seasons were given the new title Top Boy Summerhouse.

She commented in response to Big Issue: “Because Top Boy is true, I believe it is so well-liked.

“It doesn’t only focus on the gang, gun, and drug culture; it also addresses socioeconomic themes that people can connect to.

“Along with my story about domestic abuse, there are also stories about homophobia, deportation, and child abuse.

“God bless Lauren, she’s having a hard time.”

In the series, Hocking plays a woman who is abused by her husband, which is not something she took lightly.

She called Refuge, a group that helps people who have been abused at home.

Since then, the star has become a supporter of people who has been abused in this way.

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