Arcadia Season 2 Release Date: What Will Be the Cast And Storyline Of it

Arcadia is a science fiction show created by Belgians and Dutch people. It is thought to be the most expensive project ever undertaken by the low countries of Europe, which are the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. When it came out on the VRT and NPO 3 networks, Arcadia got mostly good reviews for taking a different approach to the science fiction story.

The people of Flanders are able to live together in peace after a natural disaster—a torrent or flood—in a place called Arcadia, which is an ideal society. But their quiet and peaceful way of life didn’t last long because corruption began to spread.

You now know what the article is meant to talk about. Read on to learn more about Arcadia’s plot, the possibility of a second season, and where you can watch episodes.

Arcadia Season 2 Release Date

It looks like there will be a second season of Arcadia, but filming and production are still going on. The network station KRO-NCRV has not said when season 2 of Arcadia will be available. It came out around Match 2023, so some people think it will come out in the first quarter of 2024.

Arcadia Season 2 Release Date


Although the exact date and time of the release has not been officially announced, season 2 will definitely be coming back to TV screens. Fans are very excited to see the show go even higher because this season is full of action and revenge stories that are gold.

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What Will Happen In Arcadia Season 2?

The channel doesn’t hint at or give away Season 2 spoilers, but people’s hopes and imagination know no bounds. In season one, Shield Regulator Simons was asking the Hendrick family about the fraud, and a terrorist attack on the dome from the past comes up again.

The attack is being looked into by the Unfaithful resistance group, and Revisor Harms of the Oversight is trying to get the family to help with the probe.

Fans will stay interested in the drama because it is both a thriller and a future dark story. The fast-paced episodes with new information will keep them watching.

Since season one didn’t go into detail about the mystery organization called “The Visor,” season two can go into more detail about what that group does and how the Hendricks family changes scores, which will reveal even more secrets.

Arcadia Season 2 Cast

Cast Character
Monic Hendrickx Cato Christiaans
Gene Bervoets Pieter Hendriks
Abigail Abraham Milly Hendriks
Lynn Van Royen Luz Hendriks
Melody Klaver Alex Jans
Ellie de Lange Hanna Jans
Maarten Heijmans Marco Simons
Natali Broods Lena Harms

Arcadia Season 1 Recap

The focus of the story is on the Hendricks family. The father, Pieter Hendricks, plays with the scores of his children, and the family is met by government security forces at one of their daughters’ (Alex) engagements.

Pieter is caught cheating to get more points, and as a punishment, he has to be sent to the Outer world. His wife, four children (including his stepdaughter), and he face many problems and punishments for keeping up with these false scores. They also have problems with each other as a family.

Arcadia Season 2 Release Date

There is a lot of stress in the family as the mother, Cato, tries to keep everyone together through the problems caused by family drama, lies, and scores falling for each member.

There are groups that work for and against the government, and the girls choose which side to betray to keep up with their friends and further their own goals.


Where To Watch The Show?

People in Australia can watch it on SBS on Demand with subtitles. The first episode of the first season was watched almost 700,000 times, which got a lot of attention for its new take on a bleak future society.


The show was picked up for a second season soon after the first episode ran, which showed that it was going to be a hit.


Arcadia is a science fiction show created by Belgians and Dutch people, considered the most expensive project in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The show follows the people of Flanders who live in peace after a natural disaster, but corruption spreads.

The second season, set to release in the first quarter of 2024, is expected to be full of action and revenge stories. The show is expected to continue the plot of the first season, with more details about the mystery organization called “The Visor” and the Hendricks family’s score changes. Fans are excited to see the show continue to grow and reveal more secrets.

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