Below Deck Season 11: Episode 4 Release Date, Know All The Related Details Of The Show

The fourth episode of Season 11 of Below Deck is almost ready to come out. This is a reality show that was made by Mark Cronin and directed by Marc Cooper. Fans love this show and are always looking forward to the next season of Below Deck, which has been on for a long time.

Fans were looking forward to the next season after watching 10 seasons so far. Since season 11 is out and shows are still airing, fans are getting more and more excited about the next season. We will talk about when episode 4 will come out, what will happen in it, where to watch it, and a lot more about Below Deck here.

Below Deck Season 11 Episode 4 Release Date

People always look forward to when their favorite series comes out, and now the wait is over. Below Deck, season 11 came out on February 5, 2024. Now that they’ve seen one show, they’re even more excited and interested in what will happen next.

Below Deck Season 11 Episode 4

show 3 came out on February 19, 2024, which was the last show. Season 11 Episode 4 will come out on February 26, 2024. Until then, you only have to wait a few more days to watch the trailer and older episodes.

What Will Happen in Below Deck Season 11, Episode 4?

The important issue Captain is talking about is his worries about Barbie’s rudeness and frequent responses. What are they going to talk about, and how do you think other people will react? Things could go well for everyone, or something else could happen.

But things will change and new chances will open up. They will feel numb or too happy at times. On the other hand, the show will go on with some famous guests, and some famous people may be at the event.

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Below Deck Season 11 Cast

Cast Character
Lee Rosbach Self, Captain
Kate Chastain Self, Chief Steward
Eddie Lucas Self, Bosun
Rachel Hargrove Self, Chef
Ben Robinson Self, Chef
Ashton Pienaar Self, Bosun
Fraser Olender Self, Chief Steward
Rhylee Gerber Self, Deckhand

Below Deck Season 11 Episodes 1 To 3 Recap

After dinner, the first night was quiet, and everyone danced in the rain. Barbie told Jared about her interesting thoughts, and Jared told her that he could tell she was honest every time he looked at her.

Because of the statement, she gave a small smile, but it wasn’t the answer Jared was looking for. Everyone but Fraser went into the hot tub when they got back to the boat. Because he was tired, he went to sleep while yelling at everyone else on the ship.

Xandi danced around the edge of the spa until she slipped in by mistake. They had a good time. The next morning, the team got up early to get ready for the charter. Cat knew that the first plan was not easy, but she was having a difficult time getting along with the other people in the group.

She really felt by herself. She said that her mother died when she was thirteen years old and her father when he was nine years old. Now her brother is close to her again. Bruce was touched by Cat’s story.

Later, a margarita caused a fight between Barbie and Fraser. Instead of making the drink the way Fraser liked, Barbie got a recipe book and showed him how to make it.

Below Deck Season 11 Cast And Storyline

When Fraser got the Captain’s coffee the next morning, he brought up an important issue right away. He was worried about Barbie’s aggressive behavior and frequent rebuttals.

Where To Watch The Show?

Season 11 of Below Deck can be watched on Direct TV (access packs start at $70 per month), Hayu, and Fubo TV. If you are having trouble getting to these sites, you can try watching Below Deck on Peacock.

You can also watch all the past seasons on this platform. You have to sign up for Amazon Prime before you can watch Below Deck there.



Below Deck, a reality show directed by Mark Cronin is set to release its fourth episode on February 26, 2024. The fourth season, which aired on February 5, 2024, will focus on Captain’s concerns about Barbie’s rudeness and frequent responses.

The show will also feature famous guests and new opportunities for growth. Fans can expect to see the show unfold as they wait for the trailer and older episodes. The fourth episode promises to be a thrilling and engaging experience for fans of the show.

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