The Dangers In My Heart Season 2: When Will It’s English Dub Come Out?

If you like love stories with a twist, you should watch The Dangers in My Heart. It seems like the dream of a hopeless lover who wants to ruin their life to get to know someone and fall in love with them.

The Danger in My Heart is a great cartoon that has been dubbed into English so well that it has been picked up for a second season.

We’ll talk about What will happen in the story in this piece. When will Season 2 of Dangers of My Heart be dubbed into English? In what place can I watch the show? When will the show be dubbed into English?

When Will Season 2 Of “The Dangers In My Heart” Come Out In English Dub?

People who want to see The Dangers in My Heart season 2 will be able to do so on Sunday, February 11, 2024.

the dangers in my heart season 2 English Dub Release date

but no one has decided on a specific date yet. Since the Japanese original was a hit and a release date was given, many fans have been eagerly waiting for the English dub. Also, know about the release of the Fallout TV Series 

Who Plays The Parts In Season 2 Of The Dangers In My Heart In English?

Character Voice Actor
Ichikawa, Kyoutarou Bickham, Clint
Yamada, Anna Barr, Katelyn
Adachi, Shou Gibbs, Scott
Hara, Honoka Rial, Natalie
Ichikawa’s Mother Calene-Black, Shelley
Ichikawa, Kana Simmons, Genevieve
Ishimuro Menzel, Savanna
Kanaoya, Rin Haag, Hilary
Kanzaki, Kenta Ayres, Greg
Kobayashi, Chihiro Greenberg, Kara

What Happens In The Dangers In My Heart?

This story is about Kyotaro Ichikawa, a shy, quiet, and angry person who lives alone. Why are you so angry? I see, Anna Yamada. Why does that happen? She’s pretty and nice, so everyone loves her.

Kyotaro hates that she’s nothing like him. He doesn’t like that she wants to date him so much; don’t ask her out! Get her out of here! Kyotaro really does want to kill Anna because he is angry at her. However, he wants to hurt her and see her scream in pain first.

Things change when Anna and Kyotaro meet in the library. The more Kyotaro and Anna saw each other in the library, the more his heart changed.

Who Plays The Parts In Season 2 Of The Dangers In My Heart In English? Cast Voice Actors: Natalie Ichikawa's mother, Calene-Black; Kyoutarou Bickham; Clint Yamada; Anna Barr; Katelyn Adachi; Shou Gibbs; Scott Hara; Honoka Rial; Genevieve Ishimuro Menzel; Savanna Kanaoya; Rin Haag; Hilary Kanzaki; Kenta Ayres; Greg Kobayashi; Chihiro Greenberg; Kara

He finds out that Anna is awful and can’t read the room at all. She looks like a cute rabbit! Even though he doesn’t want to, Kyotaro can’t help but be “Kawaii” with Anna.

Kyotaro’s desire to kill her slowly changes into a desire to always look out for her. What will Kyotaro be like now that he has changed his mind? Anna, are you going to let Kyotaro in? The Dangers in My Heart is a must-read!

Where Can We Watch Season 2 Of The Dangers In My Heart In English Dub?

You can watch The Dangers in My Heart English Dub right now on HIDIVE. Crunchyroll is also known as an anime streaming service. Do not do anything else until you watch The Dangers in My Heart English Dub on Crunchyroll. You can have fun and be excited here.



The Dangers in My Heart is a captivating love story that follows Kyotaro Ichikawa, a shy and angry man who is drawn to Anna Yamada due to her beauty and attractiveness.

Despite his initial desire to kill Anna, Kyotaro’s heart changes when they meet in the library. He discovers that Anna is a terrible person and can’t read, and he becomes “Kawaii” with her.

As Kyotaro’s desire to kill Anna evolves, he becomes more concerned for her and wonders if Anna will let him in. The English dub of the show is set to release on February 11, 2024, but no specific date has been announced.

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