Tracker Episode 3 Release Date: What Will Happen In The Upcoming Episode? Check Out

Justin Hartley is a very good actress who is working with us on this show. We all love crime shows with exciting plots and plot turns we didn’t see coming. This show will be a blast because of its charm and acting. Colter Shaw uses his tracking skills to find people who have gone missing. Let’s see what he can do to win.

When Will The Third Episode Of Tracker (2024) Come Out?

Tracker episodes started running on February 11, 2024. After episode one, episode two came out, and now it’s time for episode three. Fans are looking forward to it very much. Episode 3 is still being worked on; the last few touches are being added, and it will be out on Sunday, February 25.

What Will Happen In The Episode 3 Of Tracker?

We don’t know much about Colter, but he helps a girl find her sister. He is also trying to figure out how the sister’s last hours might have led to the scary thing she found in this small town. The young girl may have been very sick and had to leave home.

Tracker Episode 3 Release Date

Her big sister looked for her but couldn’t find her. Everyone is scared about her now. Colter was asked by her sister to help her find her sister. Colter agrees to help her because he knows what’s going on. We’ll let you know when the twist comes out. While you are at this we think you may also like to know about the release date of Mr Mercedes Season 4.

Who Will Be In The First Season Of Tracker (2024)?

Cast Character
Justin Hartley Colter Shaw
Robin Weigert Teddi Bruin
Abby McEnany Velma Bruin
Eric Graise Bob Exley
Fiona Rene Reenie Green
Lee Tergesen Ashton Shaw
Matthew Nelson-Mahood Russell Shaw
Wendy Crewson Mary Dove Shaw

What Happened At The End Of Episodes 1 And 2 Of Tracker 2024?

Shaw helps a cold person in a place with no other people or help. He does such a great job of treating the girl’s broken leg while staying calm and paying attention to what’s going on.

As he works to answer mysteries, he learns that a 14-year-old boy named Gil Brown has been taken. Shaw goes on the hunt to find the lost person, but things take a strange turn.

Colter’s mom found some notes in her room. To make sure everything was okay, she called Colter and went to her husband’s office to look around. His new case was about a 27-year-old man from Missoula named Jackson Cheong, who works as an accountant.

Colter talked to Jackson’s friends and learned that Jackson liked a girl named Rebecca Smith. He quit his job, moved out, and took all the money out of his bank accounts. They can’t find anything about Rebecca on the web either.

Colter found out after the fact that she had been arrested for not paying her taxes, lying about her insurance, and writing fake letters. The charges were dropped, though. Colter is still looking into it. He meets with Jackson’s parents and tells them that Jackson is a part of a religious group.

Tracker Episode 1 and 2 Recap

After that, you should learn everything you can about Jackson and want to meet him. Jackson tells Colter that he’s happy and won’t be going anytime soon. In Seth’s office at the instructional center, the proof is kept.

While Colter, Seth, and the security guard looked for Rebecca’s broken gun, Jackson threw the folder at her and then fought her. When the police arrived, Rebecca was handcuffed and taken away. Jackson hears from Colter that some people love him.


Where Can We Watch The Show?

Someone may have told you about this show, but you don’t know where to watch it. You can start by going to Tracker on Disney+ Hotstar. You do have to join first, though. It can also be streamed on CBS and Paramount+. Every Thursday, a new show comes out.


Justin Hartley stars in the crime show, Tracker, where Colter Shaw uses his tracking skills to find missing people. The third episode, set for February 25, will feature Colter helping a girl find her sick sister.

The show’s charm and acting make it a thrilling watch. The third episode is still being worked on, with the final touches expected on February 25. Fans are eagerly anticipating the twist.

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