In Another World With My Smartphone Season 3 Release Date: Check Out All The Details About It

Touya Mochizuki and his magical smartphone will be back in April 2023 with new pictures and more women to add to his growing brood.

On July 22, 2022, the second season of In Another World With My Smartphone, or Isesuma, will start. A new cast and animation company will be joining the project. The website showed off the launch date for April 2023, a brand-new picture, and the second PV of the season on November 25, 2022.

The main Isesuma website and J.C. Staff have not given an exact date for the show’s broadcast debut. The only information they have given is a release window in April 2023. It’s a good sign that the anime season will start on April 11, 2023, a Tuesday, since five years is a long time to wait (just like season 1).

However, this website will be changed as soon as more information about when the second season will be shown is made public. There have been no official announcements about Season 3.

Season 3 Of In Another World With My Smartphone Renewed Or Cancelled?

Fans of the popular cartoon show “In Another World With My Smartphone” can’t wait to hear if there will be a third season. The first two seasons were very popular, but there has been no public confirmation of a third season yet. Fans shouldn’t give up hope just yet, though.

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 3 Release Date

The anime business is notoriously unpredictable, and there have been times when shows were brought back after a long break. Fans can still watch the episodes that are already out and wait for any new episodes that are made by the show’s makers. There is always a chance that a third season will be announced at some point.

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In Another World With My Smartphone Season 3 Release Date

No one knows when the third season of “In Another World With My Smartphone” will be out yet.

The present show’s first season began in July 2017, and its second season began in October 2019. The story is based on the same-named light book by Patora Fuyuhara. But since then, there have been no new pieces of information.

It’s important to remember that anime projects can take a while to finish. Season breaks can be pretty long because of this. It’s also possible that the show’s producers haven’t chosen yet if they want to keep making it. I think you should keep an eye out for any official statements or news about the series that are coming up.

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 3 Storyline

In the last show of the second season, there was an interesting event that people couldn’t stop thinking about.

When Touya was asked to be the godfather of Queen Yuel’s baby boy, Yumina and her fiancés felt a lot of different emotions, including embarrassment. But it came as a surprise when it was revealed that all nine of Touya’s wives have children.

Giving this information away makes it easier to understand the story better because it shows how Touya is connected to his fiancées and what happens after this shocking discovery. As the plot grows in the next season, viewers can look forward to an exciting and interesting story.

Who Will Be In Season 3 Of “In Another World With My Smartphone”?

Fans are eagerly waiting for updates and news because there needs to be more information about the cast and characters of In Another World With My Smartphone. So, use the table below.

Cast Character
Katsumi Fukuhara Touya Mochizuki
Marika Kôno Yumina Urnea Belfast
Maaya Uchida Elze Silhoueska
Nanami Yamashita Sushie Urnea Ortlinde
Yui Fukuo Linze Silhoueska
Chinatsu Akasaki Yae Kokonoe
Sumire Uesaka Leen

Season 2 Recap Of  In Another World With My Smartphone

Mochizuki is Touya’s brother or sister. It looks like Karen has come to Brunhild as the Goddess of Love. People think that Touya came here to find safety because he feels surrounded by love. An ex-king named Garen and his grandson Hilda from the Knight Kingdom of Lestia come to see him while he is here.

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 3 Release Date

Yae set up dates for Hilda with possible brides when she saw how romantic she was feeling. Hilda felt compelled to talk about his relationships during the meeting, which was not a good thing. Upon hearing Hilda’s words, Garen dares him to fight in order to get him to agree to the marriage.

The famous “tower” and “wall” of Babylon were recently found to be mostly gone. Liora and Noel, who are managers, helped Touya with the normal steps for enrolling. There was, however, breaking news from the Kingdom of Belfast about the birth of Queen Yuel’s baby.

Touya quickly went to the city to be there when the baby was born. He was even asked to be the baby’s godfather. The idea of Yumina and Touya having a child shocked her and her admirers. Then Flora and the others in the group told Touya a shocking secret: all nine of his brides have kids.


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