Anthony Padilla Wife: Is He Married To Youtuber Mykie?

Have you ever become so interested in the lives of YouTube stars that you thought about what they did when they weren’t on YouTube? Among these interesting stories is the one of Anthony Padilla, a famous and funny person from the internet. But beneath his online image is a love story that will warm your heart. This post has everything you need to know about his personal life.

Anthony Padilla Wife

Antony Padilla is not married, but he is seeing Mykie, who is famous for running the Glam&Gore YouTube account. In December 2019, Mykie told everyone in a video called “Taking Off My Boyfriend’s… Makeup” that she was dating Anthony.

Anthony Padilla Wife

Mykie has a big following online. Her channel, where she posts videos about beauty and special effects makeup, has almost 4 million followers and 517 million views. Anthony shared a beautiful picture of himself and Mykie on July 18, 2023, with the words:

“everything in my life started shifting when I started spending time with this wonderful woman. she encouraged me to be confident and unafraid. to never stop my journey in expressing myself and doing what I love. my life wouldn’t be the same without her gentle and beautiful presence. thank you for inspiring me to be my best self. I love you mykie.”

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The YouTube Channel Mykie Started Is Called Glam&Gore

In 2014, Mykie started a YouTube account called Glam&Gore. She shared a picture on April 22, 2014, to let people know about the launch of her YouTube channel. The caption said:

“My channel name is “Glam&Gore” but it’s not easy to find using a regular YouTube search because it’s so new which is why I’m posting the URL instead. So, it would mean the world to me if you comment, like, and subscribe to the channel so that my name starts showing up in searches! If you don’t I’ll make real bruises”

The date of her first film was April 15, 2014. She showed off her makeup skills by posting tips and lessons online when she wasn’t working as a freelancer. She got more fans this way, and in just over a year and a half, she had 700,000 subscribers.

She used cheap makeup to make herself look like Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants in one of her most popular videos. It was hard because she had to look for cheap things that looked like Squidward’s head.

Mykie Wins The NYX FACE Award

At the NYX FACE Awards in 2015, Mykie got a big prize called Beauty Vlogger of the Year. There were over 2 million votes, and over 3,000 people sent in work before 30 were chosen as semifinalists.

Mykie Youtube Channel

The top six finalists were then picked by public vote over several rounds. The looks they made were based on three different themes.



Anthony Padilla, a famous YouTube star, is dating Mykie, a YouTuber known for her beauty and special effects makeup videos. Mykie started her channel in 2014, which has almost 4 million followers and 517 million views. Anthony shared a picture of himself and Mykie in July 2023, expressing his love for her and her encouragement to express himself and be his best self.

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