All About Kotlin: Getting More Popular And Being Used In Business In 2024

This post will talk about how Kotlin is becoming more and more popular in 2024.

As we move into 2024, Kotlin continues to grow as one of the most famous programming languages, being used in more and more fields and situations. Kotlin was created because the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) needed a modern, concise, and useful language.

It has quickly grown into a powerful and flexible language that coders all over the world love. This piece will talk about how Kotlin is becoming more and more popular in 2024 and how it can be used in a wide range of fields.

The Beginning Of Kotlin

When JetBrains released Kotlin in 2011 as an option to Java, they wanted to fix some of the language’s problems with being too verbose and not being able to do certain things.

Kotlin has been steadily adopted and growing since it was first released. This is because it has a short syntax, can work with Java, and has strong tool support.

Growing Fame

Kotlin’s fame has grown quickly in recent years, thanks in large part to Google’s decision in 2017 to make it the official programming language for making Android apps. This help from Google made it much easier for Android developers to use Kotlin, which led to a rise in its popularity and community support.

Kotlin is also very flexible, which makes it a great choice for a lot of different types of applications, not just Android development. It can be used for web development, server-side programming, data science, and more.

Developers like its modern features, like null safety, extension functions, and coroutines, which is why it’s being used in both corporate and open-source projects.

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Industry Applications:

1. Android App Development:

Kotlin has become the language of choice for making Android apps because it is faster, easier to read, and easier to manage than Java. It works well for making high-quality Android apps because it can easily work with current Java codebases and comes with a lot of useful tools.

2. Web Development:

Kotlin is also useful for web development. Frameworks like Ktor and Spring Boot let developers make server services and web apps that are scalable and work well. Kotlin is a good choice for making RESTful APIs, microservices, and web apps because it is concise and expressive.

3. Server-Side Programming:

Frameworks like Ktor, Vert. x, and Spring Boot makes it possible for devs to build fast, scalable, and reliable backend services. Kotlin is also being used for server-side programming.

Kotlin in 2024

Coroutines power Kotlin’s asynchronous programming model, which lets writers write code that handles multiple requests and data processing quickly and without blocking.

4. Data Science and Machine Learning:

Kotlin is becoming more popular for use in data science and machine learning because it has a growing community of libraries and tools that support it.

It is easy for developers to make and use machine learning models, data analysis tools, and statistical methods with libraries like KotlinDL and Kotlin Statistics.

5. Desktop and Native Development:

Now that Kotlin/Native is out, developers can use Kotlin to make native apps for desktop, mobile, and embedded devices. Kotlin/Native lets developers target platforms like iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. This makes it easier to share code and create apps that run on multiple platforms.

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All In All

Kotlin is still popular in 2024 as a modern, expressive, and flexible computer language that developers and businesses all over the world use. Its growing use in a wide range of businesses and applications shows how important and useful it is in the constantly changing world of software development.

We can expect even more innovation and use of Kotlin in the years to come as its ecosystem continues to grow and change thanks to efforts from the community and support from the business world.

Kotlin is a powerful and simple language that lets you tackle today’s software problems with confidence and speed, whether you’re making Android apps, web services, data science apps, or native desktop apps.

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