Drew Scott Illness: Explore All Other Details About Him Including His Girlfriend

What’s all the fuss about Drew Scott’s health these days? Some people say different things, but what’s really going on? Drew is a famous person from the HGTV show “Property Brothers,” so a lot of people are interested in how he is doing. We will talk about the health reports about him in this post.

Drew Scott’s Illness

In the year 2024, Drew Scott has been the subject of many reports and worries about his health. These reports have been shown to be false and put to rest.

Drew Scott Illness

It turns out that Drew is healthy and doing well. There were rumors that he had a strange illness that made his stomach hurt, which made people worry that he might have been poisoned with mercury, but those stories are not true.

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Is Drew Scott Sick?

Drew Scott doesn’t seem to be sick as of 2024. He seems to be very happy with his personal life right now. It makes Drew and his wife Linda Phan very happy to tell everyone that they are having a baby.

They were thrilled to say that they were going to have another child at the start of 2024. On social media, they told everyone about it. Drew showed a cute picture of their son Parker stroking Linda’s growing baby bump. He put a comment on the picture that said they were happy about the new baby.

Drew Scott’s Dating History

Drew Scott and Linda Phan‘s relationship has been through a lot. When they met for the first time, it was at TFW in 2010. Drew liked Linda, who was dressed as the “fashion police,” because she was pretty and had a great attitude.

The first time they met led to a special first date, which Linda joked was “the longest first date ever.” A chance meeting for singing, sushi, and hot chocolate set the stage for their growing love.

She moved in with Drew and his twin brother Jonathan in Las Vegas in 2012. Living together was convenient because it let them easily balance work and personal life. In the end, Linda became the creative director for the production company Scott Brothers Entertainment.

Drew proposed in a charming way at Toronto’s Piano Piano restaurant in December 2016, and the two of them got engaged. A Dr. Seuss cake, a recording of Drew singing Train’s “Marry Me,” and a custom ring were all part of the proposal. Drew fell in love with Linda’s uniqueness, and he told her he wanted to be with her forever.

Drew Scott Wife

Drew and Linda bought their “honeymoon house” in Los Angeles in March 2017. This was another important event in their relationship. In May 2018, they got married in a fun ceremony.

After four years, they had their first child, a son named Parker. Now, in January 2024, they happily told everyone on Instagram that they were going to have their second child.

Their love story is a sweet mix of having similar hobbies, sticking together, and real affection. While you are reading this we think you might also like to know about Trevon Brazile Gay

Drew Scott’s Networth

Drew Scott, a Canadian actor, TV host, director, and real estate investor, has a net worth of $100 million. Born in 1978, he and his twin brother, Jonathan Silver Scott, co-host and co-produce various ventures.

They started flipping houses during high school, using a Canadian legal loophole to take over mortgages without credit or significant cash. In 2004, they co-founded Scott Real Estate Inc., a platform for buying, selling, and renovating properties.

Drew also co-hosted the reality show “My Dream Home” with Cineflix, which later became “Property Brothers.” The show, which drew 10 million viewers per week, is one of the most-watched cable shows among people aged 24 to 55.

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