Does Jesse Solomon Have Cancer? Solomon Shares His Post-Cancer Experience!

The newcomers on Summer House are truly instrumental in ensuring that Season 8 is one of the most exceptional yet. West Wilson and Jesse Solomon are two endearing brothers who contribute a sense of humor to the household. Nevertheless, the duo are unafraid to disclose their personal lives and engage in turmoil on camera.

Jesse, in particular, has recently disclosed additional information regarding his health. He has been candid about his experience with testicular cancer since his initial diagnosis in 2017. In the most recent episode of Summer House, Jesse experienced a breakdown in anticipation of his five-year check-up. He was especially anxious about the possibility of the malignancy recurring, as it had in the past.

In that moment, West was the best friend that anyone deserves, as he provided his companion with comfort and acknowledged his emotions. Jesse’s emotions were further exacerbated by the sensation of a growth on his body prior to the appointment. Regrettably, the episode concluded with Jesse requiring additional testing, as the physician also detected the mass.

Jesse is Thankful for His Support System

During the previous weekend in the Hamptons, Jesse discussed his emotions that led up to the appointment with Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “I am extremely sentimental, but I strive to be pragmatic in my personal life,” Jesse clarified.

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He also stated that he endeavored to maintain a composed demeanor and maintain his composure; however, he was unable to suppress his dread, and as a result, he found himself in West’s embrace, weeping.

Does Jesse Solomon Have Cancer

Furthermore, Jesse elucidated on the intense moment that transpired during the Summer House After Show. “I had completed all of the necessary bloodwork and had everything ready to go. I was simply supposed to arrive, and the doctor would conduct his physical examination, and I would be ready to go,” Jesse clarified. Nevertheless, he was left with additional inquiries and required additional testing.

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Throughout that tumultuous period in his life, Jesse reported that his support system elicited sympathy and compassion. “It was truly uplifting to have friends who demonstrated their concern,” he stated. “I simply felt fortunate to possess them.”

Solomon Came Closer to His Loved Ones After Cancer

Since his diagnosis, he’s grown closer to his loved ones, who phone and visit him frequently. “It really stuck with me and struck me (with) the importance of family because when you’re sick and you can’t help yourself that’s who you have,” adds Solomon.

Solomon says he hopes his tale will encourage men to talk to their doctors about their health or any physical changes they detect. Experts advised that men inspect their testicles on a monthly basis to discover any anomalies.

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