What Happened to Janice Freeman? The Voice Contestant Who Overcame Cancer and Lupus

What Happened to Janice Freeman? When you look into the lives of celebrities, you often find mysteries and tragedies. Many people are interested in what happened to Janice Freeman because her story took unexpected turns that made people wonder, “What happened to Janice Freeman?”

This post will talk about the things that happened in Freeman’s life that made her who she is today, from her amazing time on a talent show to the problems she had to deal with when she wasn’t in the spotlight.

What Happened to Janice Freeman?

Our hearts are heavy as we tell you that Janice Freeman, who competed on “The Voice” for Team Miley in 2017 and was 33 years old, has died. Freeman’s husband Dion, daughter Hannah, and mother Janice will miss her.

What Killed Janice Freeman?

Janice Freeman died Saturday, March 3, 2019, of complications from pneumonia and a blood clot. In a message posted to Freeman’s Instagram account, her team revealed that she had died.

What Happened to Janice Freeman? 

This is what it said:

“We are heartbroken to report that Janice Marie Freeman passed away on March 2, 2019 from an extreme case of pneumonia and a blood clot that traveled to her heart, While at home her husband Dion performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. After that, she died soon after at a nearby hospital.

The rest of the message was:

“A survivor and fighter and a beautiful force in this world, Janice gained notoriety through her success on NBC’s The Voice as a member of Miley Cyrus’s team. Her story inspired people all over the country because she beat cervical cancer and lived her life to the best while fighting lupus.

“Her family and friends are very grateful for your prayers, calls, and texts during this time. Please give them time to remember all the good things Janice did for them while they deal with their grief.”

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How Did the People Who Loved Janice Freeman Honor Her?

Friends and family of Janice Freeman were very saddened by her death. When they heard that she had died, they were crushed.

Brandi Carlile thanked them on Instagram by writing:

“We lost a 33-year-old icon yesterday, and the world hadn’t fully seen it yet.” We can still hear her huge voice… Today, my heart is with her lovely and strong family. She was one of the strongest women I’ve ever met, if not the best. “May you rest in peace.”

She wrote on Instagram, “The voice we got to hear and the part of her life we got to watch her live was a blessing and an inspiration to us all!” My thoughts and prayers are with @janicefreeman’s daughter and family!”

When Did Janice Freeman Start Getting Noticed?

People knew the singer after she made it to the Top 11 on season 13 of the hit competition show and was put on coach Cyrus’s team.

What Happened to Janice Freeman? 

Freeman wanted to “provide stability” for her daughter Hannah through her successful singing career, according to her bio on the show. It also talked about how she got better after being diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2012.

In January 2018, she wrote on Twitter that the “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” singer helped her pay her rent for six months. This showed how close she was to Cyrus even after Freeman left the show.

“Thank you ALL, but she found us a place to stay until we found permanent housing, gave me the deposit, and took care of me for six months so I can get back on my feet!”

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Janice Freeman, a 33-year-old singer who competed on “The Voice” for Team Miley in 2017, has died of complications from pneumonia and a blood clot. Freeman gained notoriety through her success on NBC’s The Voice as a member of Miley Cyrus’s team.

She gained notoriety after making it to the Top 11 in season 13 and was put on Cyrus’s team. Freeman’s family and friends are deeply saddened by her death, and her fans have expressed their gratitude for her support.

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