Mila De Jesus Cause of Death: What Happened to the Weight Loss Influencer and Mother of Four?

Mila De Jesus Cause of Death: Mila De Jesus, a famous body positivity and weight loss blogger from Brazil, died at the age of 35. Her family told everyone on social media that she had died. George Kowszik, her husband, wrote sad messages on social media about their loss and grief.

On January 13, George wrote on Facebook.

“I am not really good with words and talking here. I lost my beautiful wife and my best friend yesterday whom I love so much.”

After a few days, George went back to social media to thank his family and friends for their support of him and Mila. On January 16, he wrote on Facebook.

“hello..Every one of my wife’s and I friends and family. Your beautiful kind, caring, and loving beautiful words and incredible inspiring PRAYERS… Have instilled such my life of 60 years on this earth I ever felt. “My dear Lord, my father, my beloved Jesus, and the comforting Holy Spirit are with me through this.”

He then said,

“I never felt real peace before my whole life. and my wife loved me and believed in me through God which impacted my life and hers together. I was short but often our lord has his ways of his people. I will never forget how much God has blessed me and my beautiful and great children. Due to heavy tears, I’m afraid I can’t speak at this time. Please forgive me.”

Mila De Jesus Cause of Death

The official reason for Mila De Jesus’ death has not been made public. Reports, on the other hand, said that she may have died of a heart attack.

Mila De Jesus Cause of Death

All of this information fits with what her family has said and what happened when she died.

Mila De Jesus Weight Loss

Mila became well-known when she talked about how she lost weight after having surgery in 2017 and then another surgery the next year. Not long before she died, she talked about how she was trying to change her body.

Mila put pictures on Instagram in November that showed how things looked before and after.

“Thirteen years have passed since the last picture…” Six years of making a choice that changed many parts of my life. One side has Mila, 22, and the other has Mila, 35. Look at how much we’ve changed, grown, and learned. “Girl, be proud!”

How Many Kids Does Mila De Jesus Have?

There were four kids born to Mila De Jesus yeah. Sad to say, Mila De Jesus died at the age of 35. Her four kids and the rest of her family were sad about her death and shared their grief on social media. Anna Clara, her daughter, wrote on Instagram that she was sorry for her loss.

“This is a note of sorrow from Anna Clara. Our beautiful mother died, which makes us very sad. Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts. Say prayers for us. Thanks a lot.”

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Mila De Jesus, a Brazilian body positivity and weight loss blogger, passed away at the age of 35. Her husband, George Kowszik, expressed his sadness on social media, expressing his love for her and her children.

Mila gained fame for her weight loss journey after surgery in 2017 and another in 2018. She had four children, and her family expressed their grief on social media. Reports suggest she may have died of a heart attack.

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