13 Trending Haircuts For Men, According To Professional Barbers

These popular haircuts for men are stylish and versatile looks inspired by some of the most attractive male celebrities in Hollywood. The latest men’s hairstyle ideas are generally textured and longer on top only to be paired with charming tapers and short fades on the sides. These timeless, handsome styles offer several classy, low-maintenance variations to suit any modern man’s aesthetic.

We’ll show you the freshest haircuts for men, according to professional barbers, that will have you looking great and feeling confident.

Popular Men’s Haircuts, Inspired By Handsome Celebrities

Scissor Cut Sides with Short Tousled Top

Getting scissor-cut sides with a short, tousled top offers a balanced aesthetic with timeless charm. The shorter length on top provides effortless volume without excessive styling, while the sleek, cropped sides give the cut light structure, creating this perfect look from Matt Bomer.

“Apply a lightweight wax or pomade through the lengths and use your fingers or a comb to blend the shorter sides with the longer top,” says James Goodman, licensed barber and contributor at Men’s Hairstyles Today. Use a blow dryer to gently manipulate the roots while your hair is still damp for extra lift. A spritz of hairspray should keep stray hairs and excessive shine at bay for a celebrity-worthy finish.

Classic Side Part

A classic side part is a sophisticated, old-school style that pairs a neatly combed top with cropped sides to flatter your features. According to American Salon, “the hard side part is the quintessential gentlemen’s hairstyle for all day wear.” Combing your hair over creates an extreme side part and clean, precise lines for striking visual interest. Tapering the sides also creates the illusion of volume and balance if you’re dealing with thinner strands that need a boost. Occasional trims and light styling with a gel or strong-hold pomade will secure your look all day. Throw in a full, connected beard for an aesthetic that oozes masculinity and sex appeal.

Gentlemen’s Slick Back

The gentlemen’s slick back is an excellent choice for men who appreciate classic styles with a sleek appearance. The top is left relatively long and combed back with gel to sit flat against the top of the head. Short, scissor-cut sides are a timeless addition to this style, but you can go modern with a low fade tightly trimmed against the ears. The well-executed look gives off an air of polished elegance that frames the face and tightens the jawline. Lightly tousle the locks with a touch of pomade to relax your style on off-duty days.

Textured Brush Back with Undercut

A textured brush back with an undercut is a dashing aesthetic for younger guys wanting a high-contrast style with breathtaking height. Brushing back the top with heat creates height and lift at the roots. Add an extreme undercut to create a daring disconnect against the shorter sides. A high-shine pomade will give the top a sleek, polished appearance, but you can easily muss your locks for a more casual feel.

Longer Top with Shorter Sides

Clean-cut and low-maintenance, a longer top with shorter sides is a timeless look that offers incredible styling versatility. “Keep the sides short and scissor-cut for light contrast and structure, but feel free to experiment with slick backs, tousled locks or a side part to switch up your aesthetic,” explains Carmen Moore, professional hairstylist at The Hairstyle Review. The longer top gives this cut eye-catching volume that’s still suitable enough for days at the office. Maintain the length with regular trims for a uniform, sophisticated feel.

Short Spiky Hair with Tapered Sides

Short, spiky hair with tapered sides is a youthful and edgy pick for daredevils who adore textured styles. You can alter the length and thickness of the spikes to suit your aesthetic, and the tapered sides elongate facial features by pulling the eye up to the voluminous top. Work a scoop of pomade or gel into your locks and use your fingertips to pinch and form daring spikes. While the tapered sides are timeless, a low razor fade can be an excellent alternative for a punk-rock look with visual interest and flair.

Volumized Comb Over with Cropped Sides

A volumized comb-over looks awesome with cropped sides, offering a face-framing, elegant look with clean lines. A small amount of heat will add instant lift to the voluminous top, giving you a more casual appearance with movement and flow through the front. Create your look with a high-hold wax or sea salt spray for a relaxed, bedhead style.

Wavy Flow

A wavy flow showcases your natural texture with minimal styling for a playful, easygoing look with incredible dimension and fullness. Wear the hair loose for a carefree feel or slick it back to create structure around the top and sides, offers Ana Roberts, former stylist and editor at Top Trends Guide.

“A subtle temp fade offers impressive contrast without your locks looking inappropriate in professional settings,” Roberts suggests. “Use a light pomade to lock your waves in place and lightly tousle the lengths for natural movement.”

Short Crew Cut with Brushed Up Fringe

A short crew cut looks sexy and sleek with a brushed-up fringe to add volume. A typical crew cut comes with cropped sides or a subtle taper, offering structure that complements the lifted front. “The clean lines in this cut make it suitable for men of all ages, and you can quickly grow it out for a fun, tousled look during the summertime. Pairing the textured fringe with a fade can be a great way to achieve a tailored finish with a bad-boy edge.

Messy Bedhead with Undercut

Disheveled and youthful, a messy bedhead style gets a modern makeover with a structured undercut. The messy texture can be achieved with light tousling and styling product worked in all directions through the top. This movement creates natural fullness and a dynamic look that disguises thinner locks. The undercut keeps the back and sides short, letting you maintain your sharp style with clippers.

Elegant Side Swept Ivy League

A side-swept Ivy League is a clean and classic aesthetic that pairs neat, tapered sides with longer locks on top. Heavy tapering adds structure against the lifted top while removing bulk and keeping the style light and comfortable. The side sweep creates a flattering silhouette with minimal product, but you can use heat and styling clay at the roots for a subtle lift with a natural finish.

Buzz Cut with Beard

A buzz cut is a military-inspired cut that looks dapper in the summer with a full, masculine beard and a sexy mustache. This cut can be easily maintained with clippers and your choice of guard, making this a stellar cut for guys with busy lifestyles. The rugged beard creates a balanced aesthetic against the barely-there top for a cohesive appearance bound to turn heads. A high skin fade and sleek line-up is all you need to add dimension to this low-maintenance style.

Curly Hair Fade

A curly hair fade combines high-volume curls with a clean, tapered look around the back and sides for a contemporary feel. The faded sides offer sleek contrast against the fluffy mass of curls on top, giving the cut dynamic structure. A curl cream or pomade should help define individual curls, but a top-notch moisturizing routine is what will keep your locks frizz-free and fiery.

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