The Evolution of Love: A Timeline of Matt Bomer and Simon Halls’ Relationship

Simon Halls, one of Hollywood’s top publicists, was certainly used to getting his celebrity clients noticed, but he definitely didn’t expect to get Matt Bomer’s personal attention.

When the White Collar star needed a publicist, he turned to Halls. They hit it off immediately and began dating soon after. Despite the fact that Bomer had to find a new publicist, the incident ultimately led to his marriage to his current wife in 2011.

Halls have led the public relations charge for a number of critically acclaimed films, including the 2001 international smash Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the Academy Award-winning American Beauty.

Halls is an extremely private individual despite his Hollywood stardom. He stays out of the spotlight and rarely uses social media. Actually, it took him and Bomer three years after their wedding to come clean about the fact that they had tied the knot. The couple has kept their three sons out of the limelight as much as possible.

Can you guess who Matt Bomer’s husband is? Everything you wanted to know about Simon Halls, the actor’s boyfriend, is right here.

Bomer and Halls Have Been Married Since 2011

Bomer and Halls have been happily married since their intimate 2011 wedding, at which only “nearest and dearest” were present. Bomer announced the couple’s marriage in a 2014 edition of Details, but they kept it a secret for a while.

matt bomer and simon halls relationship timeline

In 2016, Bomer revealed to PEOPLE that he and Halls take their relationship “one day at a time” and model it after his grandparents’. “[My grandparents] are a great example for me to follow because they are still very much in love after 68 years of marriage. For me, they’ve provided a solid example to follow “His words.

Halls and Bomer Have Three Sons

Kit, born in 2005, and twins Henry and Walker, born in 2008, are Bomer and Halls’ three boys. Halls told PEOPLE that she and her husband are doing everything they can to encourage their sons’ creativity.

According to Halls, “[We] frequent art galleries and devour art publications.” There are many art and photography books available.

Bomer and Halls aren’t forcing their kids into the spotlight, but they do support their artistic endeavors. The actor from American Horror Story: “I don’t want anybody out on stage any time soon,” remarked. I hope they have a pleasant, typical childhood.

Halls chimed in, “All small boys are little hams.” “It is not a product of your genes. It’s a difference in sexes.”

Halls Works as a Publicist in Hollywood

Halls has worked in the public relations industry for decades, and her clients have included some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Halls is a Canadian student at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He is originally from Toronto.

matt bomer and simon halls relationship timeline

Following graduation, he worked for Warner Brothers for a short time before moving to Russia to launch the first McDonald’s there in the role of public relations manager. After moving back to the States, he established Huvane Baum Halls, a small Hollywood agency, in 1995. In 2000, he sold the agency to the Interpublic Group, which later merged with advertising powerhouse PMK.

Halls managed the Oscar campaigns for films like Gladiator (2000) and Brokeback Mountain (2005) as CEO of the newly established PMK/HBH. Soon after, Halls established the New York– and Los Angeles–based public relations firm Slate PR.

On Bomer’s Birthday, He Presented Him With a Puppy as a Surprise

Halls surprised Bomer on his 40th birthday with a dog they called Stella in honor of the occasion.

“Simon and the lads surprised me with this adorable gift for my birthday. Because, you know, three kids, another dog, and a cat just weren’t enough, “Bomer said in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

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He and Bomer Have a “Kinetic Household” With Their Sons

Bomer and Halls’s three sons have kept them on their toes as parents. Bomer recently stated to PEOPLE that she and her husband have a “really lively household” because of their two active youngsters.

“They’re up and at ’em at 6 in the morning and running around, and we’re chasing them around,” he added, adding that the couple like doing “outside, energetic stuff” to keep their children entertained.

Bomer said that he and Halls wouldn’t change a thing about their family dynamic, despite the fact that a female might “balance some of the boys’ rowdiness in a manner.”

Yet, he went on, “I can’t sit here and moan or say, ‘What if?’ because we are so blessed and lucky to have the children we do.”

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