Lesbian Couple: Kristen Stewart and St Vincent Relationship Timeline

Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart are two people who don’t hide their feelings.

The Twilight starlet has been very public about her feelings for her fiancée, Meyer, despite her history of keeping her personal life secret. Their PDA photos aren’t the only evidence of their affection for one other; in November 2019, Stewart discussed their “sick” connection on The Howard Stern Show.

The actress and Meyer, a screenwriter she calls “genius,” have many characteristics. Both Stewart and broadcaster Howard Stern “felt like trolls as kids,” Stewart quipped, and they both enjoy the city of Los Angeles. What’s coming next for the newly engaged couple? Marriage. Stewart said that until she met Meyer, the idea of getting married “never did [appeal to her].” She continued, “When you know, you know.” 

Keep scrolling for an in-depth analysis of Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer’s romance, beginning with their first meeting and ending with their recent engagement.

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer Met for the First Time on Set in 2013

Stewart and Meyer met by chance in 2013 while working on a film shoot. Six years later, at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration, they ran into one other and immediately hit it off. Stewart recalled her first impression of Meyer during her interview on The Howard Stern Show in November 2019. “Where have you been and why have I not recognized you?”

kristen stewart and st vincent relationship timeline

Stewart said that it was because their paths were never properly crossed, even though they both lived in L.A. But, she said that “all bets were off” the day after they spoke again.

In November 2019, Kristen Stewart Will Discuss Her Feelings for Dylan Meyer

The first time Stewart told Meyer “I love you,” she did it in a really cool and open way, as Stewart described to Stern.

“When I first told her I loved her, it was late and we were in a seedy pub; her pals had just left or something, and I remember thinking, “Oh, man, I’m so f—ing in love with you.” Yes, finished, “…she explained. “It was so evident and not at all like a thing.'”

During the November 2019 episode of The Howard Stern Show, Stewart also discussed her upcoming engagement. When asked by broadcaster Howard Stern if she was in love, actress Kristen Stewart responded positively. After that, she said, “I’m absolutely going to propose, and I [couldn’t] f—king wait.”

Stewart, who did not elaborate, added, “I have a couple of plans that I know would be the coolest thing to do, that I believe would be pretty indisputable,” suggesting that he had some sort of groundbreaking idea.

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer’s Engagement is Announced in November 2021

Meyer did the asking, even though Stewart had claimed she was “definitely” going to propose.

kristen stewart and st vincent relationship timeline

“I mean, it’s not necessarily me who would do it. We don’t do or think in terms of gender roles, and it’s impossible to predict who will play which role with two girls “In an interview with Stern on November 2nd, 2021, Stewart elaborated.

“My initial thought was, “Well, I’m not the one for sure; that can’t be me.” So I joked for a while, “No, I want to be the one to propose, like, I want to be proposed to,” and she simply took that bowl and made it happen. It was so damn adorable, “Continuing, the actress said.

Stewart told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that Meyer “knocked it out of the park” with his pitch, but she didn’t go into any detail.

On January 24, 2022, Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer Discuss Wedding Plans

During her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on January 24, 2022, Stewart updated viewers on the status of her wedding preparations. She expressed a desire to start a “large celebration, despite the fact that she is “so unceremonious. ” On the flip side, she said, “I like to pivot,” suggesting that her impulsivity may get the best of her.

The actress has suggested that they “may just go do it this weekend or something,” adding that they would “like, just hang out with everyone” afterward. “I really just want to go ahead and do it. In terms of planning, I’m not very good. Sorry, I have no ability to schedule a supper out.”

Dylan Meyer Celebrates Kristen Stewart’s Birthday on Instagram on April 9, 2022

Meyer posted a touching Instagram message for Stewart’s 32nd birthday.

kristen stewart and st vincent relationship timeline

The image posted was of the pair sharing a birthday cake kiss. Meyer captioned the image, “You’re out here becoming faster and faster with each passing year. You’ve aged well, man. You could pronounce “awooga,” as they do in cartoons.”

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Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer Show Off Their Fun Style on August 25, 2022

Meyer uploaded an Instagram photo of herself with a beaming Stewart. Dylan wore a white T-shirt and his glasses for the photo, while Stewart wore a black shirt and matching cap. The writer of the caption noted their similarities to the leads of the Wayne’s World films and SNL skits. There will be an Accidental Party on, Wayne,” she emailed.

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