All About FBI Most Wanted Season 6: When Will It Come Out And What Will Be The Plot?

FBI Most Wanted is The best show for you if you like to watch action movies. Meet the bad guys and the hardworking police. With each case, the plot gets more complicated, and the crimes get more horrific. Want to learn more about this show and the next season?

Then you need to read this piece right away! This piece will talk about the plot, when Season 6 of FBI: Most Wanted is likely to come out, what the plot will be like, and why this show is becoming so popular.

The reviews and ratings will help you decide if this show is right for you or not. This piece will give away a lot of the ending of the last season. In other words, let’s start right away!

When Will Season 6 Of FBI: Most Wanted Release?

The fifth season episodes of FBI Most Wanted are coming out every week right now. The last show came out on February 13, 2024, and the next one will come out on February 20, 2024.

FBI Most Wanted Season 6 Release Date

It’s been noticed that FBI shows like FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International usually come out around the same time, so Season 5 should end on July 9 and we should hear about Season 6 by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

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What Will Be The Storyline Of Season 6?

After season 6, the story will take a big turn that no one saw coming. It is likely that there will be some disagreements among the cops. We should also see some crosses from the FBI: International about a wanted person who may have gotten away from the US and is now living somewhere else, most likely in Europe.

There could also be a threat to the family of Special Agent Nina and FBI Special Agent Stuart. The most wanted crooks may try to scare special agent Nina into stopping her search for them or their son will be in danger. We can only wait now.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 6 Cast?

Here is the list:

Cast Character
Roxy Sternberg Special Agent Sheryll Barnes
Keisha Castle-Hughes Special Agent Hana Gibson
Alexa Davalos Special Agent Kristin Gaines
Julian McMahon Supervisory Special Agent Jess LaCroix
Dylan McDermott Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott
YaYa Gosselin Natalia ‘Tali’ Skye LaCroix
Edwin Hodge Special Agent Ray Cannon
Kellan Lutz Special Agent Kenny Crosby

What Did Season 6 Of FBI: Most Wanted Finish With?

The fifth season just started! We won’t be able to talk about how Season 5 ends, but we can talk about the first episode of Season 5 that people can watch. The Fugitive Task Force is busy looking into things in episode 1, which is called “Above and beyond.” What do they want to know?

A deal that didn’t go as planned is being looked into. There is a strange deal that, for some reason, leads to the deaths of many people on both sides. The police are currently looking into what the deal was and why so many people were killed.

FBI Most Wanted Season 5 recap

While this was going on, Agent Nina Chase was back, feeling better after her short pregnancy leave. Remy Scott, the team boss, is busy with his personal life right now because he just got in touch with his long-lost nephew.

He is trying to figure out how he feels about what’s going on while also doing his job. The episode shows how important it is for police officers to have a good work-life balance.


Where Can We Watch The Show?

This show can be seen on Peacock, Vudu, Amazon Video Prime, Paramount Plus (live and on-demand), and Apple TV. You can also go straight to the CBS channel on your TV (if you have one) and watch FBI: Most Wanted Live every Tuesday from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET directly on that channel.


FBI Most Wanted is a popular TV show that follows the lives of bad guys and hardworking police. The fifth season, which aired on February 13, 2024, is set to release Its next episode on February 20, 2024.

Season 5 is expected to end on July 9, and Season 6 is expected to be released by the end of 2024 or early 2025. The storyline for Season 6 is expected to take a significant turn, with disagreements among cops and potential threats to Special Agent Nina and FBI Special Agent Stuart’s family.

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