Pedro and Chantel Divorce: The Real Reason They Called It Quits

Pedro and Chantel Divorce: Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett, who are on the reality TV show “90 Day Fiancé,” have had a rough relationship full of drama and rumors.

Among rumors and fan theories, it has been said many times that Pedro and Chantel’s divorce is just a made-up story point for the show. People aren’t sure if the couple is really married because of their on-screen fights, cultural clashes, and family arguments.

The lines between real life and staged drama get blurrier in the interesting world of “90 Day Fiancé” as fans start to question whether the problems in the couple’s relationship are real.

Pedro and Chantel’s Divorce

It’s clear that Pedro and Chantel didn’t fake their divorce to get attention, and they have no plans to get back together.

When Chantel said no to Pedro’s explanation, she cried and said goodbye to him and his family for good in season 5 of The Family Chantel. The couple’s story came to an end here.

Some people will always have different ideas about whether Pedro used Chantel or not. Pedro said he married Chantel because he loved her, but Chantel said he was only using her.

Pedro and Chantel Divorce

After saying goodbye to Pedro and his family, Chantel said she was done with them for good. It was clear to Chantel that marriage and kids are what she wants out of life, so she accepted that Pedro would not be in her future.

Chantel had the last word on The Family Chantel. She said that she could now move on and find a new partner because she was finally free from Pedro. But Pedro’s story in season 5 of The Family Chantel was cut short when he was cast in a supporting part after the divorce.

‘The Family Chantel’: Was Pedro Jimeno’s Family Drama Actual?

In season three, Pedro tries to find out more about his absent father. Earlier in the show, the focus was on how Chantel and Pedro’s families interacted with each other.

Pedro Sr. first fell in love with Lidia when he was married and had a family with someone else. His grandma says that Pedro Sr. met his mother as she walked home from school.

It was shown in November 2021. Lidia told her son in Spanish, “You have to see things the way they were.” “He’d get anything we needed and come by with a full car.”

But Pedro Sr. left him and his younger sister Nicole Jimeno when they were kids, and he only showed up sometimes over the years. Pedro stopped talking to him after he turned ten years old.

Pedro told The Family Chantel that he found out about a part of his father’s family he had never met when he was about 14 years old. This part of the family included a brother with the same name.

The man from the Dominican Republic turned to his half-siblings for help when his mother wouldn’t answer his questions. After the emotional show in December 2021, reality TV blogger True Crime Jankie said that Pedro had seen his brothers years before the season started.

A social media picture from 2014 that was found again showed Pedro, Chantel, and Nicole smiling with his half-siblings Jonathan and Pedro Jr. Fans started to criticize The Family Chantel’s plot, which they said was made up.


Is Pedro and Chantel’s Divorce Drama From “The Family Chantel” Real?

In the fourth season of the spinoff, there was probably the most drama of any season. In the end, Pedro openly asked for a divorce from the Atlanta, Georgia resident.

In a show from August 2022, Pedro moved out of the house they shared just one day after telling Chantel the shocking news that he was getting married. When he tried to buy his new apartment, he found that $256,000 had been taken out of the joint bank account he shared with Chantel.

Pedro and Chantel Divorce

According to In Touch, Pedro asked for a divorce from Chantel on May 27 after being married for six years. Court records that In Touch got show that he said their marriage was “irretrievably broken” as the reason for the split.

In the filing, Pedro said that Chantel stole money to get back at him. After that, Pedro asked the judge to tell his ex-partner to return the money to the business account they shared.

He said that Chantel was said to have moved their money into an account that she and Winter owned together. There will be a meeting to settle the dispute, even if the judge doesn’t let it happen right away.

Orders for mutual restraint were also given at that time. “Avoiding doing, attempting to do, or threatening to do any act that injures, maltreats, vilifies, intimidates, molests, or harasses the adverse party” is what the ex-couple can’t do.

Along with Pedro, Chantel filed her counterclaims on July 7, only six weeks after Pedro did so. She accused her ex of “adultery” and “cruel treatment.”

“The marriage is broken beyond repair, and there is no chance of getting back together,” she said. When In Touch asked Chantel’s lawyer about Pedro’s claims that she emptied their joint business account, the lawyer refused to say anything.


Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett, stars of the reality TV show “90 Day Fiancé,” have been rumored to be in a made-up relationship due to on-screen fights, cultural clashes, and family arguments.

The couple’s story ended in season 5 when Chantel said goodbye to Pedro and his family. Pedro’s story was cut short when he was cast in a supporting role after the divorce.

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