Is Marty Sheargold Gay? The Radio Star Opens Up About His Love Life

Is Marty Sheargold Gay? The Australian stand-up comic and radio host Marty Sheargold is no different. Looking into the personal lives of famous people has become a bit of a spectator sport.

Sheargold has made a name for himself in the entertainment world by being funny and hosting shows. Aside from the jokes and laughing, though, rumors about his sexuality have spread across the internet.

People are still interested in Marty Sheargold’s personal life since he used to co-host Nova FM’s Kate, Tim & Marty and is now the host of the Marty Sheargold Show on Triple M Melbourne.

Here, we’ll try to find out what the stories are about and what Marty Sheargold thinks about it. So, let’s start this investigation and find out the truth about his sexuality.

Who is Marty Sheargold?

Martin Donald Sheargold is a radio host and stand-up comic from Australia.

The Nova FM national drive show Kate, Tim & Marty had Sheargold on it until September 11, 2020. The show also had Kate Ritchie and Tim Blackwell. He is currently the host of Triple M Melbourne’s Marty Sheargold Show.

Is Marty Sheargold Gay?

He went to Canberra’s Daramalan College for school. Sheargold was once shocked by an air conditioner, but he doesn’t talk about it much these days.

Is Marty Sheargold Gay?

Not at all, Marty Sheargold is not gay. The Australian stand-up comedian and radio host, who is 52 years old, has kept his personal life, especially his love life, under wraps, staying out of the public eye and the constant spotlight.

This desire for privacy has unintentionally led to rumors about his sexuality, leading people to wonder if he might be gay. Marty Sheargold isn’t bothered by the stories that keep going around about his personal life; he stays focused on his work and doesn’t listen to the rumors.

During the 1990s, Sheargold showed off his comedic skills on several Australian TV shows, including The Micallef Program and The Mick Molloy Show.

His dating past makes it clear that Sheargold has only been with women, which clears up any questions about his sexuality. He makes a conscious choice to let his work speak for itself by keeping his personal life separate from his work life.

It is clear that Marty Sheargold is straight, and he continues to charm and amuse people with his humor, putting aside rumors about his sexuality and enjoying the limelight for his comedic skills.

Many famous people have been caught in the spotlights of their rivals this year. Ricky Evans, Tomasz Schafernaker, and many more famous people are represented here. But we have already answered all the questions that fans had through our posts. We hope this answers your question about whether or not Marty Sheargold is gay.

Does Marty Sheargold Have a Wife?

At this point, Marty Sheargold doesn’t seem to have any relationships. In 2012, he was closely linked to Ange, but love has a way of taking strange turns.

Is Marty Sheargold Gay?

In a funny conversation with the Sydney Morning Herald, Marty talked about how he won Ang’s heart: “Just by sheer will, by wearing her down.” I had been friends with her for four or five years. We lost in the end because of alcohol, which is always the case.

Several online sources say they were together for four and a half years and had two cute girls, Kitty and Elsie.

The current state of Marty’s marriage, on the other hand, is still unknown. Based on what we know about their past relationship, we’re left wondering if he’s still figuring out marriage or going in a different direction.

Marty Sheargold’s relationship status is still a mystery to us, but one thing is for sure: he’s not married yet, and we’re still interested in hearing about his love adventures.


Australian stand-up comedian and radio host Marty Sheargold has faced rumors about his sexuality, but he remains unconfirmed. Sheargold, who co-hosted Nova FM’s Kate, Tim & Marty and hosts Triple M Melbourne’s Marty Sheargold Show, has kept his personal life, including his love life, under wraps.

He has only been with women since the 1990s and has not been married. Despite his past relationships, including a close relationship with Ange in 2012, his current status remains unknown.

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