Is Dominique Sachse Getting Divorce Nick Florescu?

Nick Florescu is thought to be leaving his wife, Dominique Sachse. So why does she want to leave her husband?

Dominique Sachse has been nominated for an Emmy as a writer, YouTuber, and influencer. Sachse is best known for being a news anchor for Houston, Texas’s KPRC 2 News.

Even though there have been rumors that she and her husband, Nick Florescu, have split up, she has stayed the same on YouTube.

Dominique, who used to be a news reporter for KPRC2, went on Instagram at the end of November to answer questions from fans about her marriage to Nick Florescu. So, after Dominique Sachse’s update, fans are eager to learn more about her husband and how long they have been together.

Who is Dominique Sachse?

Dominique Sachse is a well-known news reporter for KPRC 2 News in the Houston, Texas, area. She is also a YouTuber and an influential person. Since 2012, she has been married to businessman and YouTuber Nick Florescu.

The two of them have six kids from past marriages. But there have been reports that they broke up. Sachse talked about this in a video at the end of November 2021.

Dominique Sachse Divorce

She also started the Health Fitness Revolution and wrote the book “Uncommon Beauty: Secrets to Embrace Your Inner Radiance.” She has won two Emmy Awards for her work as a journalist, and her YouTube channel, where she gives beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips, has more than 1.3 million followers.

Why Are Dominique Sachse and Nick Florescu Splitting Up?

Dominique Sachse and her husband, Nick Florescu, will not be getting a divorce. Instead, they are getting stronger together as time goes on.

On November 13, she told the 312,000 people who follow her on Instagram what was going on with her husband, Nick Florescu.

Sachse also talked about why she hadn’t shared a photo of her husband in a while in a video on her Instagram stories. This was in response to fans who had asked why she hadn’t done so.

On her Instagram page, it says that she hasn’t shared a picture of him since their family’s 4th of July party. Also, the couple, who got married in 2012, will have been together for 11 years when they celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary in 2021.

Sachse and her mother first met at a neighborhood cafe where they were both having brunch. They met again at a friend’s pool party. After dating for a year, Florescu asked her to marry him in Europe.

Sachse said in an interview with Paper City last year that we should count our gifts every single day.

Inside Dominique Sachse and Nick Florescu’s Marriage

Nick Florescu met his wife in 2012, and it was clear that they were meant to be together because they got married just three months after meeting.

Dominique Sachse Divorce

But it is thought that they are no longer together. So, if you’re worried that Nick Florescu and his wife Sachse have split up, don’t. Their marriage is still going strong, and they’re having a great time together.

Even though the businessman is already divorced, he wants to keep as much of his private life hidden as possible. Because of this, we don’t know much about him before he married Sachse. We only know that he was married once before and had five children from that marriage.

Florescu has five children, both boys and girls. Their names are Elle, Bella, Nicky, Ava, and Alex. Since Alex, the youngest, is already in his late 20s, we can guess that they’ve been married for a long time.

We can only guess that the couple broke up recently, maybe after Sachse met with him. Sachse has a son from her first marriage, which is also important to know.

Also, as of the year 2023, they are living happily with their children.



Nick Florescu is rumored to be leaving his wife Dominique Sachse, a writer, YouTuber, and influencer. Sachse, a news anchor for KPRC 2 News in Houston, Texas, has been married to Nick since 2012.

They have six children from previous marriages. Despite rumors of a split, Sachse has remained consistent on YouTube. The couple, who got married in 2012, will celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary in 2021.

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