Who is Ariana Madix Dating? Shocking Relationship With Tom Scandal!

Ariana’s luminous personality has captivated the hearts of millions, both on- and off-screen. But fans still want to know who Ariana Madix is dating, even though she has a successful job. Discover the latest rumors, the most memorable moments, and the lucky person who has captured the heart of this beloved star as we delve into the beautiful world of Ariana’s romantic journey.

The mystery and intrigue surrounding Ariana Madix’s romantic life must be solved.

Who is Ariana Madix?

Ariana Madix is an American actress, model, and television personality best known for her role in the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules. Ariana was born on June 24, 1985, in Melbourne, Florida. Her charisma and wit have quickly made her a fan favorite.

For the past few days, Ariana Madix’s romantic life has dominated the headlines. Someone she was having a good time with saw her dancing. She has also been seen with the same individual multiple times in other locations. Find out who she is dating and how long they have been together by reading the article.

Who Is Ariana Madix Dating?

Since May 2023, Ariana Madix! is dating Daniel Wai. The fitness trainer and the Vanderpump Rules star have been dating for approximately a month after meeting at a wedding in Mexico. Madix met Wai for the first time in Oaxaca, Mexico, and the chemistry between them was evident right away.

Who Is Ariana Madix Dating?

It should be noted that Madix’s attendance at the wedding was originally scheduled before she found out that Tom Sandoval had allegedly been cheating on her with Raquel Leviss. Since their wedding, Madix and Wai have been taking it easy and having fun together, but they have avoided defining their relationship. They are in a joyful and relaxed period in their relationship right now.

Who Is Daniel Wai?

A gifted fitness trainer, Daniel Wai has been making waves in the entertainment industry because of his charisma and impressive body. Many people, including reality TV star Ariana Madix, have taken notice of Wai because of his commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Wai’s career in the fitness sector began when he realized he wanted to assist people change their bodies and their lives. Wai has developed his skills as a personal trainer and nutritionist and is now in high demand.

When Did Ariana Madix & Daniel Wai Start Dating?

After “Scandoval,” Ariana and Daniel were seen holding hands for the first time at Coachella in April. Several pictures showed the couple cuddling up and holding hands. The new pair was just spotted at a Yankee home game earlier this week, as reported by Page Six.

The star of Vanderpump Rules was shown on the giant screen, and the crowd went wild. It’s not clear if they’re an official item or not, but the pair can’t seem to stay apart.

The trailer for the season finale of Vanderpump Rules was released by Bravo yesterday, and in it, Ariana learns the truth about Tom’s affair. Since Tom and Raquel have made Ariana appear to be an idiot, she is understandably unhappy with them.

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Ariana is doing much better as a single woman, which is a lousy consolation prize after having her heart torn out. She also scored a role in a Lifetime movie and a video for Bloomingdale’s after meeting Daniel. Ariana is eager to make the most of this moment in time when the world is her oyster.

Tom Scandal and Ariana Madix: Their Shocking Relationship

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval broke up in March 2023 due to infidelity rumors. A source close to the couple claims that Madix triggered the breakup after learning that Sandoval had cheated on her with their co-star on Vanderpump Rules, Raquel Leviss.

Who Is Ariana Madix Dating?

The source said that Madix’s patience had finally run out after the couple struggled for some time. The insider went on to say that Madix had decided she would no longer put up with the disrespect after being subjected to it throughout their relationship.

The relationship between Madix and Sandoval was established on the season 2 reunion of Vanderpump Rules in 2014, beginning when Madix joined the cast in 2013.



Ariana Madix is an American actress, model, and television personality best known for her role in Vanderpump Rules. She is dating Daniel Wai, a fitness trainer who has been making waves in the entertainment industry due to his commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Daniel Wai and Ariana Madix began dating after meeting at a wedding in Mexico and quickly hit it off. They were seen holding hands at Coachella in April and at a Yankee home game this week.

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