Who is 6ix9ine Dating? Unraveling the Truth About His Current Relationship Status

Rapper 6ix9ine, who has made waves with his provocative demeanor and music, is no stranger to the spotlight. Fans and bystanders are fascinated by his love life despite the fact that he has received a lot of attention for his music and court battles.

In this investigation, we delve into 6ix9ine’s ever-changing romantic life and try to answer the age-old question: Who is 6ix9ine dating now? Learn the truth about this mysterious musician’s personal life, from his links to celebrities to any rumors that may have been floating around about his romantic life.

Who is 6ix9ine Dating?

Tekashi 69 is currently in a relationship with Rachel Wattley. Her more common name, Jade, is perhaps more familiar to you. Who is she, though? Jade, Tekashi 69’s partner, is an established social media personality and bartender in her own right. You wouldn’t believe how good she is at rapping, or how much she hopes to make a career out of it. It appears that sharing a love of music is what brings them together.

In August of 2022, Tekashi 69’s gf was taken into custody. Why? She was incarcerated because of a battery charge stemming from an incident at home. Tekashi 69 and Jade were seen on camera engaging in verbal combat.

Who is 6ix9ine Dating?

When the cops showed up, however, he claimed that Jade had assaulted him. Later, he allegedly exerted considerable effort to secure the release of his incarcerated girlfriend. He had declared, “I’m the one who wants to bail her out.”

According to reports, Tekashi 69 and Jade have been an item for almost four years. They give forth strong initial signals that they are ready for marriage. Since then, fans have received a few inquiries concerning their relationship status.

There are spreading rumors that Does 6ix9ine have a boyfriend check the full article on it.

There has been no formal word. Therefore, we cannot verify whether or not they are still together. In September of the year 2020, however, Jade was observed experimenting with diamond rings. It’s been more than two years. It makes us question if the couple has already secretly been engaged. So, what do you make of this?

When Did Jade and Tekashi 6ix9ine Begin Dating?

In the same letter, Jade disclosed that she had met 6ix9ine not long before he was indicted on several federal racketeering counts related to his ties with the New York gang TreyWay, also known as the Nine Trey Gangsters.

While chatting with Daniel Hernandez. He didn’t live up to the stereotypes propagated on the web. Quite the reverse, he was. He was an extraordinarily polite, friendly, lovely, generous, and outgoing individual.

Although I only knew him for a short time before he was indicted, I opted to stand by his side because I knew he needed a reliable ally. Over the course of Daniel’s first few months behind bars.”

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Is 6ix9ine Married? Tekashi Spotted in Dubai With a Proposal to a Woman

It looked like 6ix9ine had found a girlfriend. The rapper was spotted in Dubai, reportedly making a proposal to a new lady. The words “Will you marry me?” are written inside a red heart that appears in the background of the photo of the rapper and the woman.

Who is 6ix9ine Dating?

DJ Akademiks confirms the engagement with the tweet, “6ix9ine proposes to his new ting in Dubai.”

6ix9ine’s ex-girlfriend Jade is the last known woman he dated before this one. Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Jade had a domestic abuse complaint against her dismissed. TMZ claims that the lawsuit was dropped because 69 refused to comply with investigators.

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Attorney Steven Bell claims that after reviewing the evidence, prosecutors determined that they could not proceed without 6ix9ine’s cooperation.

Wrapping Up

6ix9ine is currently in a relationship with Rachel Wattley, an established social media personality and bartender. They have been together for almost four years and are ready for marriage. Jade and Tekashi 6ix9ine have been dating for more than two years, and 6ix9ine was spotted in Dubai with a proposal to a woman in September 2020.

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