Who is Carmelo Anthony Dating Now? Revealing Previous Dating Rumors

Carmelo Anthony, the NBA’s biggest star, has left his fans intrigued and curious about his relationship status, and we look into that in this fascinating investigation. Carmelo’s on-court exploits, from his quick ascent to the league to his remarkable scoring skills, have fascinated millions. However, off the field, the issue of who this charismatic athlete loves remains unanswered.

Learn with us as we sift through the gossip and hearsay surrounding Carmelo Anthony’s romantic life. Brace yourselves for an exciting adventure as we attempt to discover the solution to the age-old question, “Who is Carmelo Anthony dating?”

Who is Carmelo Anthony?

Former NBA star Carmelo Kyam Anthony was born in the United States. He spent 19 years as a professional basketball player, during which time he received ten All-Star nods and six selections to the NBA’s All-NBA First Team.

He was the most valuable player in the NCAA tournament as a freshman for the national champion Syracuse Orange basketball team in 2003. As one of the league’s all-time top scorers, he was selected to the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team in 2021.

Carmelo Anthony Early Years

New York City’s Red Hook housing projects are where Anthony’s parents first met. Carmelo Iriarte Sr. was born to Puerto Rican parents in the Big Apple. Iriarte’s lineage included Africans, Spaniards, and indigenous peoples; he also had some Venezuelan ancestry. Mary Anthony, his mom, is from Africa.

Who is Carmelo Anthony Dating Now?

Iriarte passed away from cancer when Anthony was only two. When Anthony was eight years old, his family uprooted and settled in Baltimore.

Who is Carmelo Anthony Dating Now?

There is no evidence that suggests Carmelo Anthony is in a committed relationship as of the year 2023.

Carmelo Anthony Past Married Life

Anthony and Alani “La La” Vazquez were engaged in 2004. On March 7, 2007, they welcomed a baby named Kiyan Carmelo Anthony. Anthony and La La were married to Michael Eric Dyson on July 10, 2010, at Cipriani’s in New York City.

The wedding was videotaped by VH1 for a reality show about the pair called La La’s Full Court Wedding. Currently, Anthony calls Portland, Oregon home. In 2020, he parted with his New York City home.

After the regular season of 2016-17 concluded, TMZ reported that La La had left the couple’s apartment and that they were now living apart. They made up in December of last year. La La filed for divorce in June of 2021.

Carmelo Anthony Dating History

Over the course of his meteoric rise to fame, the ten-time NBA All-Star has dated no shortage of fashion models. The first one was a year-long relationship with Lauren London from 2006–2007.

Who is Carmelo Anthony Dating Now?

A Yatch sighting of the NBA player and Sara Smiri in 2019 was also denied by Carmelo. Carmelo warned them to stop spreading the rumor, saying that it could destroy Sara’s family.

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Carmelo Anthony Family

Carmelo was born to parents of different ethnic backgrounds in New York City’s Red Hook housing complexes. His paternal grandfather, Carmelo Iriarte, is of African and Spanish descent; he also has some Venezuelan ancestry.

His paternal grandparents were of Puerto Rican descent, and his mother, Mary, was of African American descent. Mary Anthony raised her children as a single parent when Carmelo’s father, Iriarte, passed away when Carmelo was just two years old.

Anthony’s father Iriarte was also a poet, and he left a collection of poems he had written to his son. Wilford and Robert, both brothers, and Carmelo’s sisters Daphne and Michelle rounded up Carmelo’s family.

Daphne is his half-sister, and Michelle passed away in 2010 for unknown reasons. According to an Instagram post he made in 2021, Carmelo considers Kobe Bryant to be a “brother” along with his biological siblings.

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Carmelo Anthony is the NBA’s biggest star, but his relationship status remains unanswered. His parents first met in New York City, and he was married to Michael Eric Dyson in 2010. There is no evidence that he is in a committed relationship as of 2023.

Carmelo Anthony is a multi-ethnic NBA All-Star who was born to diverse backgrounds and considers Kobe Bryant as a brother.

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