Simon Biles & Her Alluring Engagement Ring Complete Info!

Engagement rings have been a significant symbol of love and commitment between two people for centuries. The design and style of engagement rings have evolved, with trends changing from simple and traditional to more elaborate and personalized designs.

Today, these rings come in various materials, including gold, platinum, and silver, and can be set with a range of gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds.

Engagement rings are often a topic of interest for fans, as these jewelry items can be symbolic of love and commitment. Many celebrities have been gifted or have purchased elaborate and expensive engagement rings over the years.

Simon Biles and her chic style

Simon Biles got engaged recently and received a ring worth $3 million from his fiancé Jonathan Owens.

The Olympic gymnast is known for her elaborate style and applauded for her exceptional jewelry style. Her beautiful engagement ring is a clear witness to her exquisite choice, including the fiancé himself. According to ZoFrost, the stone only weighs three carats, though other jewelry experts have estimated that it weighs seven, eight, or even nine carats.

The Stunning Engagement Ring

Owens went with a gem with an F-grade in terms of its hue. Diamonds are graded on a scale from D to J for their color, with D standing for completely colorless and J for having a faint trace of color. A diamond rated F is of excellent quality and is regarded as colorless, having only a trace amount of color visible only to an experienced gemologist.

The diamond has a clarity grade of VVS2, which stands for “Very Very Slightly Included.” A diamond with this clarity grade is considered top quality because its inclusions are extremely difficult to spot, even when viewed at 10X magnification.

Simon Biles’s engagement ring is characterized by a large, oval shaped diamond mounted on a pavé band made of white gold. The center diamond is surrounded by dozens of smaller ones, giving it a highly appealing look.

The ring features a dazzling oval-shaped diamond carefully handpicked for its superior quality and brilliance. The diamond is set in a delicate band of platinum or gold, which adds to the ring’s overall beauty and allure.

The band is intricately designed with intricate details that give it a distinctive and refined look. The band’s shank is expertly tapered to draw attention to the centerpiece diamond, while the underside of the ring features an intricate and delicate filigree design.

The oval-shaped diamond is securely held in place by six prongs, which provide the perfect balance of stability and elegance. The prongs also allow maximum light to enter the diamond, enhancing its natural sparkle and brilliance. Check this ultimate diamond guide to learn about oval cut diamonds.

Owens had the ring specially crafted by Zo Frost & Co. He then added a touch of his personality to it before presenting it to Biles.

Zo Frost: A Designer for Your Aesthetic Sense

Zo Frost is known for creating breathtakingly beautiful and unique engagement rings—their oval-shaped 3-carat engagement ring is no exception. This magnificent jewelry piece is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, with its stunning design and attention to detail.

This oval-shaped 3-carat engagement ring from Zo Frost is a true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. It is a timeless piece of jewelry that will be cherished for a long time and is bound to make any bride-to-be feel special and loved. If you are looking for an exceptional engagement ring, this stunning piece from Zo Frost is worth considering.

The Evergreen Oval

The oval form has experienced a significant renaissance as of late. It is anticipated that its prevalence will increase even further in the future.

Kourtney Kardashian’s fiancé, Travis Barker, gave her an oval-shaped ring with a hidden halo and pave band back in October. The item was like Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber’s exquisite oval rings; both were meant to represent the classic yet on-trend style.

Designers worldwide have been able to make the oval design more extravagant through novel ideas. Couples choose this shape because of its exclusivity and ability to stand out, which it does exquisitely, thanks to its unique character.

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