Is Oliver Otto Gay? Revealing the Secrets of His Sexual Identity

Since the beginning of the series, fans of ‘American Housewife’ have speculated about Oliver Otto’s sexual orientation. Oliver, the sole son of the Ottos, is the middle kid. He is initially materialistic and ambitious but matures into a selfless individual.

Fans of the show have speculated that there may be more to his longtime friendship with the same pal than meets the eye.

Who is Oliver in ‘American Housewife’?

Katie and Greg Otto’s only son, Oliver Duke, is their middle child. He has two sisters: Taylor, his older sibling, and Anna-Kat, Katerina, his younger sibling. alongside a potential new sibling. Daniel DiMaggio plays his on-screen counterpart. He is making an effort to acquire the habits of the wealthy.

Since Oliver started dating fellow dancer Gina, he has become less of a snob. Previously, Oliver was incredibly snooty and only concerned about being rich and preppy.

Is the ‘American Housewife’ Character Oliver Gay?

Oliver Otto is not gay; he identifies as straight.

The parents of Oliver Queen first worry that their kid is gay early on in the series. The fact that he and his pal Cooper have been seen practicing bra removal on each other and that his vision board has pictures of shirtless males has led to speculation that he may have a homosexual orientation.

Is Oliver Otto Gay?

Oliver reassures them throughout the episode that he is not, and that the images he has pinned to his vision board represent the ideal physical form he hopes to achieve in the future.

Oliver also went to dance class, which he said gave him an advantage when applying to Harvard. During the third season, he and Cooper both found love, but they were ultimately written off the program. Even an entire episode is devoted to Oliver’s efforts to stop Cooper from confessing his feelings for his fiancée.

Instead, the two of them say they love one other at the end of the episode. There’s an implication throughout the program that this isn’t a romantic relationship at all, but rather a bro-mantic one. After Oliver had a conversation with a closeted football player on a teen hotline, the rumor spreads throughout his school that Oliver is gay.

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Oliver’s Sexuality Doesn’t Surprise Anyone

They believe that putting Oliver as a “minority” on his college application will boost his chances, so when word gets out that Oliver and Cooper are dating, they decide to embrace the attention. Neither of Oliver’s exes will be shocked to hear the report, nor will Oliver’s sister. All this evidence implies that the show’s characters have wondered about his sexuality as much as the audience has.

Is Oliver Otto Gay?

Even though none of this proves anything about Oliver’s sexuality, some viewers are sure that the show is building up to a big reveal. One Reddit user speculated that the show was “going somewhere” with the subject of his sexuality because it has been discussed so much this season.

Fans have speculated that Oliver is not necessarily gay but rather bisexual. Like many teenagers, he may still be sorting out how he thinks about his own love life, but he has exhibited a real interest in women at various points throughout the show.

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It’s safe to say that whatever the producers of American Housewife decide to do with Oliver, the vast majority of viewers will support their choice. Given the amount of conjecture that has already spread online, it would appear that the show has succeeded in getting its audience to consider this issue.


Oliver Otto, the sole son of the Ottos, is initially materialistic and ambitious but matures into a selfless individual. He is not gay but identifies as straight. He and Cooper both find love, but it is a bro-mantic relationship. The show is building up to a big reveal about Oliver’s sexuality, and viewers are likely to support their choice.

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