Is Isaac Gay in Ted Lasso and Who Played the Role of Isaac Mcadoo?

Many fans have been wondering if Colin Hughes and Isaac Mcadoo are romantically involved because of the strong resemblance between them. As speculation grows, followers start to wonder if their connection goes deeper than a platonic friendship.

Colin’s outspoken homosexuality is just one more intriguing factor. Let’s explore Isaac’s inner workings now, learn more about his sexual orientation, and figure out what exactly is going on in his relationship with Colin. Get ready for an exciting adventure as we explore Ted Lasso’s reality!

Who is Isaac in Ted Lasso?

Isaac McAdoo, a former center-back for AFC Richmond, is a recurring character in the Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso. He frequently hangs out with his teammates and has even been seen karaoke-ing and club-hopping with them. Most of the time, he is found in the company of Colin Hughes, Sam Obisanya, Moe Bumbercatch, and Richard Montlaur.

His training ability and height have earned him the nickname “a Rodin sculpture in cleats” from Ted Lasso.

Who is Isaac McAdoo’s Actor?

Isaac McAdoo, a footballer for AFC Richmond in ‘Ted Lasso,’ is introduced for the first time in the pilot.

British actor Kola Bokinni plays the title character, Isaac McAdoo, in the show. Bokinni grew up in Peckham and attended the BRIT School in London. After trying his hand at a few plays, he decided to pursue acting as a career. Bokinni made his acting debut in the third season five episode of the anthology science fiction series ‘Black Mirror,’ titled ‘Men Against Fire.’

Is Isaac Gay in Ted Lasso?

Bokinni, however, is most widely recognized for his role as Leyton in the crime thriller Top Boy. During the first two seasons of ‘Ted Lasso,’ he is listed as a recurring cast member, and then in season three, he is elevated to a series regular.

Is Isaac Gay in Ted Lasso?

There is no clear indication of Isaac’s sexual orientation in the Ted Lasso Show. There is no evidence in the show that Isaac and Colin are dating or have announced their love for one another, despite the fact that they are depicted to have a deep and encouraging friendship.

The core of their relationship appears to be the friendship and cooperation they have as colleagues and friends. Fans also speculate that Isaac is gay because he has never been in a relationship or publicly proclaimed romantic feelings for anyone.

As opposed to that, Isaac is shown as a loyal and supportive pal, particularly to teammate Colin. However, at this time we cannot make any conclusions because the writers of Ted Lasso have not confirmed that Isaac is gay.

The Relationship Between ‘Ted Lasso’ Characters Isaac and Colin

Colin and Isaac are both members of the AFC Richmond soccer team, coached by the show’s namesake, Ted Lasso. They play supporting roles in the first season, but their friendship is explored in greater depth in the second.

The show’s commitment to showcasing complex and multidimensional individuals is highlighted by the bond between Isaac and Colin. Colin is a white New Yorker and an American, while Isaac is a black Brit and a Londoner.
They are related despite the fact that they originate from different places and have different personalities.

Is Isaac Gay in Ted Lasso?

The friendship between Isaac and Colin is powerful because it challenges stereotypical views of black men and white men. Specifically, the decision to portray Isaac as a kind human being rather than the stereotypical “angry black man.”

The friendship between Isaac and Colin is a touching example of the value of human connection and understanding. When one character is struggling with anxiety, the other can turn to Isaac for advice on how to handle it, and vice versa if Isaac is the target of bigotry from the other side.

The friendship between Isaac and Colin adds depth and nuance to pop culture. It illustrates the power of empathy and kindness to triumph over prejudice and cultural differences among people of different backgrounds.

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How the Most Recent Episode of “Ted Lasso” Tries to Build Up Tension…

The lateness with which Season 3 of Ted Lasso has begun building characters and creating new plots for them is one of the show’s primary flaws.

As the season has progressed, we have learned more about the personalities within the AFC Richmond locker room and less about individuals like Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh) and Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster). It’s exciting to see uncharted territory in a show of this caliber, but why wait until now?

Colin’s is a story like that. Before Ted took over as manager, he was one of Jamie’s pals who regularly tormented Nate (Nick Mohammed). Sure, he’s matured a lot since then, but that’s because the whole squad matured along with him as they adjusted to Ted’s coaching style.

Season 3 did reveal some new information about Colin, though, including the fact that he is gay and has been hiding it his entire life. What we’ve seen of him is only what he decided to put forward in order to shield his true nature and avoid causing any unease among the other players.

Other characters from Ted lasso: The Truth About Trent Crimm From Ted Lasso: Is He Gay?

After having a heart-to-heart with Trent Crimm (James Lance) in Amsterdam’s sixth episode, “Sunflowers,” he began to feel more at ease with the idea of letting himself be his genuine self. He’s become more at ease, but he’s still reluctant to come out, which is understandable.


Isaac McAdoo, a former center-back for AFC Richmond, is a recurring character in the Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso. Fans speculate that Isaac is gay, but the writers have not confirmed it. Isaac and Colin are both members of the AFC Richmond soccer team.

Isaac and Colin’s friendship is a powerful example of the power of empathy and kindness to overcome prejudice and cultural differences. Season 3 of Ted Lasso has revealed Colin’s true nature, but he is still reluctant to come out.

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