What is Ted Lasso About? Is It Based on Real Story?

Who is ted lasso based on: Ned Flanders, the Simpsons’ elderly next-door neighbor, is a veteran character. He’s a sickeningly kind guy, and his struggles have helped to emphasize the show’s exploration of religion and friendship in action. Flanders has become one of the most well-known supporting characters on the program; at one point, a metal band was named after him.

Similarly, Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso’s main character is one of the most lovable men in contemporary television. He’s got a lot in common with Springfield’s most amiable resident. But did Flanders, a regular on The Simpsons, serve as an inspiration for Ted Lasso?

Was Ted Lasso Inspired by Ned Flanders?

There appears to be a great deal of overlap between Ted Lasso’s and Ned Flanders‘ profiles. Both characters are consistently pleasant and kind, to the point where even Flanders’ generosity is sometimes manipulated in the off-canon “Treehouse of Horror” episodes.

They share similar facial hair styles, place faith in their ability to spread goodwill, and are resilient enough to weather considerable insult before snapping. Flanders has also been proven to be a decent coach in several episodes of The Simpsons, such as Season 9, Episode 6, “Bart Star,” in which his time at the helm of a pee-wee football team is to the benefit of the youngsters playing for him. Importantly, both individuals have surprisingly weighty histories related to mental health.

The Flanders’ house is blown away in “Hurricane Neddy,” an episode from The Simpsons’ eighth season. The village tries to help fix up the house, but their sloppy work finally drives Flanders over the brink, revealing that his outwardly pleasant demeanor is the consequence of the controversial therapy he received as a youngster to deal with destructive impulses and anger issues.

The second season of Ted Lasso, in contrast, explored the news that Ted’s father had committed suicide while Ted was a teenager, and how his determination to never give up on others was primarily inspired by his conflicted feelings about the thought that his father had “given up” on the family.

Who Really Inspired Ted Lasso?

Jason Sudekis, who plays Ted Lasso on the show, has publicly said that the character was not based on Ned Flanders. As part of a satirical marketing campaign for NBC Sports’ Premier League coverage, a snarkier version of the character made its debut. After Scrubs’s Bill Lawrence was brought on to help develop the character, he became significantly more sympathetic.

At a Variety event commemorating the first season of Ted Lasso, Sudekis noted that the Ted we see in the show is more grounded in traditional mentor stereotypes. The Robin Williams films Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting were a major influence on Ted Lasso, according to Sudekis, who wrote the novel.

It’s not hard to see how Ted Lasso and Ned Flanders could be viewed as sharing a common philosophical grounding. Both Homer Simpson and AFC Richmond fans represent the quiet, polite American in a more boisterous environment. However, there is a significant difference between the two.

While both Ted and his mother have experienced loss and suffering, the focus of the novel thus far has been on Ted’s determination to improve himself and those around him despite the difficulties.

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In contrast, a large portion of the Flanders episodes are devoted to driving Ned to distraction and making his hesitant best buddy Homer come to terms with their profound philosophical differences. Unlike Ted, who is shown to have a more sinister side, the inhabitants of Flanders use civility to deal with their feelings of wrath and worry. Ted and Ned both deal with the bittersweet but ultimately hopeful parts of life, and while neither is based on the other, they do deal with similar topics.

Who inspired Jason Sudeikis’ Character?

Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso character isn’t completely made up, even though Ted Lasso isn’t based on a factual story. The AFC Richmond manager draws inspiration from a number of different sources, including Jürgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool F.C., and Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, along with other legendary coaches and even Sudeikis’ own high school basketball coach, Donnie Campbell.

The real-world sports team and life experiences of the Ted Lasso writing team undoubtedly contributed greatly to the development of a rich and varied cast of characters as well as fascinating events and dramatic tensions in the novel. Even though Ted Lasso isn’t strictly autobiographical, it was certainly influenced by several real-world events.


What is Ted Lasso about?

Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly created the American sports comedy-drama series, Ted Lasso. A character played by Sudeikis in a series of commercials for NBC Sports’ coverage of the English Premier League served as inspiration for the show. In the series, American college football coach Ted Lasso is hired to lead an English soccer club with the expectation that his inexperience will lead to the squad’s demise. However, his folksy, positive leadership ends up leading the team to an unexpected victory.

On Apple TV+, the first three episodes of the 10-episode first season debuted on August 14, 2020. On July 23, 2021, Season 2 of the show (12 episodes total) debuted. The show got renewed for a third season in October 2020, with the debut date set for sometime between January and March of 2023.

It’s possible to view both Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ and The Simpsons on Disney+.

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