Where Was Shotgun Wedding Filmed? Explored Prime Shooting Locations!

Where was Shotgun Wedding filmed: If you think your own wedding was a disaster, just wait till you see Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel’s new movie, Shotgun Wedding, available on Amazon Prime.

Shotgun Wedding, directed by Jason Moore and written by Mark Hammer, allows J.Lo to play both the romantic lead and the action hero. Lopez plays Darcy, a lady who agrees to her “groomzilla” fiancé’s extravagant wedding plans despite her misgivings. It’s no secret that Darcy has a thing for Tom (Josh Duhamel), and Tom adores a good show. Therefore, Darcy agrees to a wedding in the Philippines, despite her preference for eloping. The wedding is interrupted by pirates, who take everyone captive.

Listen, even the best weddings have their flaws. JLo and Duhamel fight back, spending much of the film desperately fleeing through the bush. On the run, you’ll pass by some stunning beaches and verdant woodlands. The question “Hey, where was Shotgun Wedding filmed?” may even cross your mind. You’ve found the correct spot to get assistance, then. Keep reading to find out where the scenes from Shotgun Wedding were shot.

Where Was Shotgun Wedding Filmed?

Production took place in the Dominican Republic, while the film is set in a Philippine resort. Some beautiful locations in the Dominican Republic served as the film’s setting. Playa Grande, a beach on the north coast, was utilized to stand in for several beaches in the Philippines.

There is only one location credit on IMDb, and it’s for ANI Dominican Republic. An impressively stunning locale, ANI provided the inspiration for the film’s alluring resort.

The Cinemaholic claims that the pandemic limited where they could shoot Shotgun Wedding. Many travel restrictions were in effect during production. Because of this, the team elected to film in a location that was both closer and more convenient for them.

The Dominican Republic is not the Philippines, yet the cast and crew have managed to create the illusion that the entire movie was shot at the Mahal Island Resort by seamlessly blending together several locations. It’s no surprise that the locale where ‘Shotgun Wedding’ was shot is a popular place for couples to tie the knot.

The NI Dominican Republic is a fantastic choice for weddings and other special events, in addition to being a fantastic place to relax and enjoy a private vacation. The resort’s website says, “When the sun comes up, say ‘I do’ overlooking beautiful seascapes — in lush gardens, on a palm-fringed beach, a clifftop, or your own private peninsula — then dine and dance the night away in yet another photogenic setting that connects with you and your lover.”

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Is the Philippines’ Mahal Island Resort a Real Place?


The island resort of Mahal Island, Philippines, is the setting for Shotgun Wedding. A resort with the same name already exists in the Philippines. In the heart of Hagimit Falls, you’ll find the verdant Mahal Forest Resort. All filming took done in the Dominican Republic, therefore it has nothing to do with the country.

The many filming locations all across the Dominican Republic are going to provide a fantastic adventure for those eager to see the desired destinations teased in Shotgun Wedding. The teaser for Shotgun Wedding, however, suggests that Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel won’t be celebrating with a romantic dinner and a dance.

On January 27th, you’ll be able to see Shotgun Wedding exclusively on Prime Video.


Shotgun Wedding Plot

Tom and Darcy have invited their friends and family to join them on a secluded island in the Philippines for their fairytale wedding. The wedding guests are taken captive just as the couple begins to have second thoughts about the wedding. Darcy’s affluent father is asked to pay $45 million by the pirates. There will be no payment until he is confident Darcy is okay.

Separate from the bridal party, Darcy and Tom are abducted by pirates; nevertheless, they are able to escape and kill several of their captives on the way. While on the run from the police, Darcy, and Tom each express reservations about the wedding. Tom gives up his covert location in the vault underneath the manager’s office so Darcy can continue to hide.

Tom, upon reuniting with the rest of the wedding party, explains that Darcy’s ex-fiance Sean hired the pirates. Since his plan has been uncovered, Sean is now on a quest for Darcy with Harriet, the girlfriend of Darcy’s father. Darcy, meantime, joins Tom and the others beside the pool, where the two finally share their continued desire to wed. The other members of the bridal party eventually figure out that Harriet and Sean were working together.

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