Who Are Lynn and Jett From ‘Bling Empire’? What is the Relationship Between Them?

Lynn and Jett bling empire: The release of Bling Empire: New York has only been a few days, but already there is a lot of talk about the dramatic conclusion of the previous season.

This offshoot of the original Los Angeles-based Bling Empire follows a group of Asian American mega-wealthy socialites as they navigate New York City’s upper crust. What could possibly go wrong in a situation where there is power, rivalry, and high drama?

According to TheCinemaholic, one of the more “dramatic” plots involves successful jewelry designer Lynn Ban and her husband and business partner of 27 years, Jett Kain. The narrative centers on the two main characters as they rebuild their relationship and bring Lynn Ban Jewelry back to the public after the pandemic.

Find out everything you need to know about Lynn and Jett right here, including the details of their personal lives, the demographics of their business, and the size of their bank accounts.

Who is Lynn Ban?

Lynn Ban, a jeweler born in the United States, spent her childhood in her country of birth, Singapore. Rihanna and Beyonce are just two of the celebrities that have worn her creations. Working with celebrities like Madonna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Lorde, and Kate Moss helped Ban rise to fame. Her breakthrough came with her starring role in the Netflix original series Bling Empire: New York.


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Who is Lynn Ban, Husband?

Lynn has a great marriage, yes. She wed MTV newsreader and producer Jett Kain. Lynn Ban and Jett were friends first and then married in 1999. American entrepreneur Jett Kain is a former music journalist and producer for MTV.

As the current head of PR and advertising for Lynn Ban Jewelry, he is currently an integral part of the company. Jett is best known to the general public for her part in the Netflix series Bling Empire: New York. With his entrepreneurial spirit and extensive background in the show business, Jett Kain is a major player in the music and film industries. He was a reporter and producer for MTV when Lynn first met her future husband in late 1994.

What is Lynn and Jett’s Age?

According to our Research, Lynn is 50 years old and Jett is 54.

How did Jett and Lynn first Meet?

They supposedly first met at a New Year’s Eve party in 1994, as recounted by TheCinemaholic. Lynn was a student at a local university, and Jett worked as a reporter and producer for MTV.

Evidently, she gave him the wrong number by accident. But fate brought them together again at a dinner with mutual acquaintances, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. A few years later, they tied the knot and began working together, facilitating the expansion of Genki Sushi from its original locations in Singapore and Hong Kong to the United States.

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It’s Unclear Whether Lynn and Jett are Together RN

According to TheCinemaholic, Jett announces he’s gotten a job in Los Angeles and wants to transfer the whole family there in the season finale of Bling Empire: New York. The season ends with the question, “How will they work it out?” because she was upset.

Honestly, their current status is a mystery to us. According to TheCinemaholic, Jeff does not use any type of social media. And Lynn, as she should, uses Instagram mostly to showcase herself and the celebrities who wear her creations.

Who is Lynn Ban and Jett Kain Son?

Sebatian, her son, was born in 2008. Sebastien Kain, or “Seabass,” is the son of Lynn Ban and the main attraction in Bling Empire. Instagram posts by Patricia Ban reveal that Lynn frequently brings her son around. Seabass and his mother have visited a wide variety of nations, from Italy and India to Japan and beyond. Sebastian is close to Rihanna, a multimillionaire musician, and businessman because Lynn is tight with her.

His mother told WWD that she wanted to be on Bling Empire to “convey my experience of how I migrated here, worked my way up, and navigated being an Asian mother, wife, and designer in the fashion world, managing work, and home responsibilities.” Vintage apparel expert and 25-year industry veteran Lynn Ban launched her eponymous bespoke jewelry business in 2011.

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