Where Is ‘Chef Dynasty: House of Fang’ Filmed? Let’s Explore!

Kathy Fang is well-known to viewers of Food Network. The Cook has been featured on various Food Network reality shows, including Chopped. Now she’s back in Chef Dynasty: House of Fang, which explores how she and her famous chef dad, Peter Fang, got where they are today.

Kathy’s show is an exception to the rule, as many Food Network shows are filmed in New York City at the Chelsea Market studios. House of Fang, on the other hand, shoots in a different American “culinary capital.” The location where the filming of Chef Dynasty: House of Fang took place is revealed here.

Where exactly is “Chef Dynasty: House of Fang” filmed?

Peter and Lily started House of Nanking, a popular Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, 30 years ago, and it has since become well-known, drawing both visitors and residents alike. The restaurant was named a “Chinatown institution” by Condé Nast Traveler.

House of Nanking’s website claims that Kathy has worked there for many years, so it’s not surprising that the Food Network star picked San Francisco for the location of her own restaurant.

Fang called cooking a “family affair” on the website of the sibling restaurant, which specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine. The “about” page goes on to say that Peter Fang and his daughter Kathy Fang oversee the Fang Restaurant, while Mrs. Fang is in charge of the House of Nanking. Where else in town can you eat at a place where the owners are present every day to see to your every need and ensure that your meal is one to remember?\


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As it turns out, San Francisco is just as much a part of the reality show Chef Dynasty: House of Fang as the Fang family. If what Kathy has said is true, then there is simply no better location for her own Food Network show.

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‘Chef Dynasty: House of Fang’ takes place in San Francisco

The six-part series was reportedly shot in the spring and summer of 2022, with the COVID-19 epidemic playing a role as Kathy attempted to take Fang “to new heights.” Kathy told the outlet that some areas of her lovely hometown San Francisco were able to “flourish more thanks to the pandemic,” and that she believes viewers of the show will be proud to visit the city.

As the Food Network actress explained, Chinatown in San Francisco was “my youth in a nutshell,” and Kathy’s favorite filming experiences there were there. “It’s where my family’s restaurant got its start,” she continued. I was born at the Chinese Hospital in Chinatown, and it was here that my passion for cooking and eating developed.

The House of Fang actor wanted to replicate the “unique” feeling of narrating her narrative in Chinatown. Similarly, Kathy mentioned on the website that many of the dishes at Fang are made with ingredients purchased from Chinatown markets.


How to Watch Chef Dynasty: House of Fang

Kathy Fang, together with her father, Chef Peter Fang, is ready to serve up Chinese fusion meals that push the boundaries of traditional cuisine at their popular restaurant, Fang, in San Francisco. Chef Dynasty: House of Fang is a six-part documentary series about a father and daughter who run a successful restaurant business in San Francisco while remaining true to their cultural heritage.

They say the Fangs are the most powerful family in the Bay Area. According to Jane Latman, President of Home & Food Content and Streaming at Warner Bros. Discovery, “Kathy is an exceptional chef, entrepreneur, wife, and mom who is driven to push culinary limits while keeping true to her hard-to-please father’s vision.”

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