Get to Know about Kathy’s Family: Peter and Lily Fang!

Meet Kathy’s Parents Peter & Lily Fang: Kathy Fang, in an interview published by Forbes in August 2019, elaborated on the value of San Francisco’s Chinatown to her family beyond the restaurants they founded there.

Her childhood memories were stashed away in various places. Her new cooking show and restaurant are both manifestations of her love for the area she is cooking for. The culinary skills of Chef Kathy Fang will be on full display in Food Network’s Chef Dynasty: House of Fang, and viewers will also get to meet the people who encouraged and supported her throughout her career.

She attributes her enthusiasm for gourmet food to her upbringing with her parents. Let’s Eat Our Way Through Peter and Lily Fang, Kathy’s Delectable Parents and Grandparents.

Let’s meet Kathy Fang’s parents

In an interview with amNY, Kathy reflected on her upbringing, which she said was marked by a deep appreciation for food and her parents. “When my parents opened the restaurant, I was about 7 years old and they couldn’t really afford daycare,” she said. As much of the day and night as possible, including school evenings, I spent there.

Kathy’s parents, Peter and Lily Fang left Shangai for the Bay Area in 1980. They were broke and barely understood the English spoken around them. They joined the House of Nanking in the hopes of realizing the elusive “American dream,” along with many others.


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Peter’s obsession with food and cooking began even before he and Lilly relocated to the United States. The ideal scenario is that they carry some of the comforts of home with them to their new country. To honor Lily’s dad’s hometown, the family opened a restaurant eight years ago called House of Nanking. Peter’s ability to modernize classic Shanghaiese dishes with American influences drew many customers to the restaurant.

Peter even came up with a cunning scheme to speed up the cooking. After taking orders, he began bringing food to the tables of his customers. This was his most recognizable technique. In 2009, Pete and Kathy opened up shop as Fang. She had a great talent from an early age for analyzing a meal and identifying its strengths and weaknesses.

Her father “would notice that I would eat something without my dad even asking, and I would be like, they have the best wontons because X, Y, and Z,” she told amNY. As Chef Dynasty: House of Fang shows, both the House of Nanking and the House of Fang have been quite successful.

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In 1988, Lily and Peter Fang opened the House of Nanking

Peter and Lily’s first restaurant was called House of Nanking (HONK) in homage to Lily’s Chinese grandfather’s hometown. Chinatown, the Financial District, and Little Italy all converge at 919 Kearny Street in San Francisco, making it an ideal location for a Chinese restaurant.

Meet Kathy’s Parents Peter and Lily Fang

When Peter and Lily first opened HONK, they served traditional Shanghaiese fare. It didn’t take long for the former, who is sometimes referred to as “the godfather of Chinese cuisine,” to put a unique spin on traditional Chinese meals. His cuisine developed as he tried new things with classic recipes and the delicious local ingredients he had come to adore.

Peter’s extraordinary cooking abilities and the couple’s dedication to their patrons quickly propelled HONK to success.

Customers were standing in long lines, and by the time they were seated, Peter and Lily saw, they were already hungry. It, instead of waiting for customers to place orders, the pair instituted a system whereby customers could do so independently.


So, Who Exactly is Lillian Phan?

Lillian Phan, co-star, and producer on Chef Dynasty: House of Fang, will be available for Instagram hangs as well. The Nob Hill Gazette claims that Lillian is the director of events and operations and that she assists Kathy in “pursuing on-brand ventures beyond the kitchen.” Lillian is really in tune with the local dining scene in San Francisco. When asked how the epidemic is progressing so far, she gave a frank assessment.

“Downtown San Francisco, [near] where Fang and House of Nanking are located, has the slowest return to work in the nation,” she said. I believe that the Fang family’s longevity and prosperity can be directly attributed to their decades-long commitment to providing excellent cuisine and traditional dining. Lillian hopes that the viewers of Chef Dynasty will gain a true appreciation for San Francisco’s multiculturalism.

Lillian boasted, “I’ve been all over the world, but I have a strong love for this city that is full of culture, decent people, an incredible arts scene, and delicious food.” I hope to instill a sense of pride in San Franciscans by making them aware of how wonderful their city is. The city seems fascinating, and we can’t wait to learn more about it on Chef Dynasty: House of Fang.


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