Is Saturday Night Live Cast Member Martin Short Married?

Martin Short’s career wasn’t always as successful as it is now; there was a point when it wasn’t as high-flying. When he was just starting out in his profession, he did not receive very many highlights. After a while, it seemed as if there were no more possibilities for him to display his talents.

Short demoralised himself by contrasting himself to his successful pals, which made him less motivated to work. In addition, he was unhappy with the career path he had chosen. Despite this, the actor was known for having a wonderful romantic relationship with his breathtakingly beautiful girlfriend Nancy Dolman, whom he first met in 1974 and went on to marry.

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Is Martin Short Married?

Martin Short first became acquainted with Nancy Dolman while they were both participating in a production of Godspell in Canada in 1972. Nancy had been on tour with the Canadian Rock Theatre before she began her relationship with the former cast member of Saturday Night Live. In the early 1970s, she was a cast member in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar that played in various cities across the United States and Canada.

Is Martin Short Married

When they first met, the graduate of the University of Western Ontario was head over heels in love with Martin. 1980 was the year when the couple tied the knot. Before joining the cast of Soap, Nancy appeared in the films Custard Pie (1977) and Landon Landon & Landon (1980), all of which earned her acting credits. Between the years 1980 and 1981, she appeared as Annie Selig Tate in a number of episodes of the sitcom shown on ABC.

After the conclusion of her recurring storyline on the show, she went on to make appearances in the films It’s a Living (1981) and Family in Blue (1982). After making the decision in 1985 to devote more of her time to her family, the Canadian star took a break from her career in Hollywood.

“I’m still very much married to Nancy. In our 36 years together, we became so intimately familiar with the workings of each other’s minds that I can convincingly play out the conversations we would be having today, about things that postdate Nancy’s death,” he wrote.

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How Many Children Did They Have?

During their time together as a married couple, Martin and Nancy Dolman adopted three children. In 1983, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Katherine. Oliver was born in 1986. Henry, the couple’s youngest child, was born in the year 1989.

Is Martin Short Married

After receiving a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2007, Nancy’s extended family was there for her every step of the way. After those three years, she passed away, breaking the Tony Award winner’s heart. Despite this, he was thankful for the great family they had built together and the thirty years of marriage they had shared.

“Before my wife, Nancy, died two years ago, we were together for 36 years, but I would have been divorced five times if I hadn’t found the right person,” Martin candidly shared with The Guardian in October 2012.

“I wouldn’t have faked it and played a game just because I didn’t want to be divorced. It’s been a tough two years for my children. This is the thing of life that we live in denial about, that it will ever happen to us or our loved ones and when it does you gain a little and you suffer a little. There’s no big surprise.”

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“Our marriage was a triumph,” he says. “So it’s tough. She died in 2010, but I still communicate with her all the time. It’s ‘Hey Nan,’ you know?” he tells the magazine. “How would she react to this decision or that, especially regarding our three kids.” He added, “I believe that when people die, they zoom into the people that love them. The idea that it just ends, and don’t speak of them — that’s wrong….to me, she’s still here.”

Is Martin Short Married

He is Encouraged to Take More Risks

Short, who is now on tour with his Saturday Night Live colleague and long-time friend Steve Martin claims that the passing of Dolman inspired him to take more risks in his own life. “With real tragedy, you become a little more daring,” the Canadian native says. “It’s the yin to the yang: the positive part of life’s dark side.”

Concerning the question of whether or not he has dangerous activities on his bucket list, he claims that his primary objective is to just maintain his current level of happiness.

“My life lists are more pragmatic,” he says. “For decades, I’ve maintained a list according to several categories of well-being: health, family, friends, money, career, creativity, self-discipline and lifestyle. Periodically I give myself a report card… Health: Have I had my annual physical? Friends: Do I need to phone so-and-so?

He adds, “To me, life is a practical experience each day, with a coating of “Be as happy as you can be” on top.”

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