Is Michelle Yeoh Still Married to Jean Todt?

Being a very prominent actress of Malaysian again comes into the eye of people through social media via Instagram, with whom you might be familiar is none other than the most recognized Michelle Yeoh, let’s dig more about him. She was born on 6 August 1962. But most people have a common question in their mind when did she start her carrer, in the field as an actress? Once she told in an interview,” she had a passion for acting since childhood”. Well, in the year 1983 at the age of 20 she also won the Miss Malaysia World Contest.

However, Let’s move forward to the main topic which bought you guys here is Michelle Yeoh still married to jean Todt?

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Yes,  Michelle Yeoh is still married to Jean Todt, and this also plays a key role in her carer after marrying Jean Todt who is also a prominent personality. And well recognized as a Sports Executive However, he was born on 25 February 1946. Although Jean Todt is well eminent for their position as the former director of Peugeot (FIA) or Talbot sports and a former general manager of Scuderia Ferrari.

If we glimpse the couple’s first acquaintance and when they got married then keep scrolling below.  While in the year of 2002, when Michelle Yeoh meets Jean Todt. There was a shooting of the movie while they both are working on the film name is none other than The Touch which is a blockbuster movie ever since. But the couples kept some privacy if the topic is on their personal life.

With the passage of time, they become good friends and nobody knows they will date and their friendship becomes a relationship.

Whereas, you can also glance at the picture of both below, As Michelle Yeoh is sitting on the chair, while Jean Todt is standing behind her, Both couples are looking stunning in the photograph.

Afterward, the couple gets married in the year 2004, with great bonding and understanding making their relationship strong than ever that the result of they are now together.

But Do you know the couples don’t have any kids or children of their own? It might be any reason but they haven’t revealed it yet.

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Do you want to know the social appearance of Michelle Yeoh, then have a look below.


Michelle Yeoh has 1.1 Million followers on Instagram.

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