Who is Alex Stein? Plano Council Rap Goes Viral!

Alex Stein, a conservative comedian and internet sensation, has been criticized by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for calling her a “big booty Latina” who “wants to kill kids.” After the incident on the Capitol steps on July 13, Cortez tweeted, “I posted about a really horrible incident, but pulled it off cuz it’s definitely someone seeking radical celebrity.” It’s unfortunate to be employed by a company that publicly condones such behavior, but to discuss the issue merely encourages more of the same. Just a lot of sadness.

Rep. Cortez, who has vowed to become a millionaire by age 40, later tweeted, “I was actually walking over to deck him because if no one will defend us then I’ll do it myself but I needed to catch a vote more than a case today.” She attached a video of the event to her post.

Cortez briefly confronted Stein and made a peace sign to the camera as he passed the statements on video before continuing up the Capitol steps. But Stein kept repeating, “Hot, hot, hot like a tamale!”

The comedian promptly claimed responsibility for the incident after the agent had slammed him, claiming, “If you really love me you would of at least tagged me.” But Cortez was there to stop him. As he put it, “I’m devastated.”

Who is Alex Stein?

Alex Stein describes himself as a comedian and professional troll. And with 222 videos up his sleeve, he’s gained over 100,000 subscribers to his channel, making him a YouTube celebrity. Stein attended the exclusive Highland Park High School in affluent Highland Park, Dallas, where he graduated at the top of his class.

Stein has tried his hand at reality television in addition to his social media comedic career. According to his IMDb page, he was one of the 14 participants who lived in a house and competed for $250,000 on the 2012 ABC reality show The Glass House. Additionally, in 2013, he competed on the reality food show Worst Cooks in America and the reality dating show Sweet Home Alabama.


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This year, Stein rapped a four-minute song called “Prayers For Ukraine” before a Plano City Council meeting in Texas. The council members looked on in horror as the comic sang about murdering Vladimir Putin because “gas prices are simply too high.” The comedian told Insider after the video went viral that his act was “100 percent parody (intended to) blur the edges of reality because people won’t know if it’s real or fake.”

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After rapping at a Dallas city council meeting in February 2022 about the importance of covid-19 vaccinations, he went viral. Singing “Would the real Dr. Fauci please stand up, please stand up, please stand up” in front of the council, he was seen wearing blue scrubs. Moms and dads, the happy and the sad, everyone is vaccinated. To the tune of Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady,” he urged people to “vaccinate your infants, vaccine them even if they have rabies.”

Plano Council Rap by Alex Stein Goes Viral

Alex performed his four-minute rap “Prayers For Ukraine” at this week’s Plano City Council meeting in Texas. The council members looked on in horror as the comic sang about murdering Vladimir Putin because “gas prices are much too high.”

Alex told Insider after the video went viral that the performance was “100 percent satire (intended to) blur the edges of reality because people won’t know if it’s real or false.” “I don’t actually want to kill Putin — I’m a vegetarian,” he continued, “but I think we have to have some diplomacy.”


Alex also said that when he’s not performing stand-up, he works as a car dealer and that he used to speak about serious issues at city council meetings before realizing that his humorous songs generated a stronger reaction. The more responses I got from them, the sillier I became. In order to have any kind of impact, you need to appeal to the listener’s emotions. The way to really set someone off,” he explained.

Alex Stein Career

In 2011, Stein launched his career by creating and appearing in food challenge videos on the video-sharing website YouTube. Stein was the first contestant to be eliminated from the 2012 season of the reality TV show The Glass House, on which he appeared.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Stein began showing up at local government meetings with genuine concerns, but after receiving little response, he resorted to “pranking” them instead. When he initially started posting “prank” videos online in September 2021, he talked about abortion prohibitions with Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and the rest of the city council.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he continued to perform in a variety of personas and deliver raps at local government meetings in the United States and Canada, occasionally through Zoom. Stein has said that Andy Kaufman was an inspiration for his humor.


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