Where is Nichol Kessinger Now and Was She Involved in the Murder?

A regular American woman named Nichol Kessinger, who gained notoriety as the girlfriend of renowned killer Chris Watts. In August of 2018, her ex-boyfriend was convicted of killing his pregnant wife and their two daughters. Before he turned himself in, notorious criminal Watts blamed his partner Nichol for the family’s crime.

Whether or not Kessinger was involved in the murder is a topic of intense interest to many. It would be helpful to know what Nichol did for a living before she met her current man and where is Nichol Kessinger now.

Who is Renowned Killer’s Ex-girlfriend Nichol Kessinger?

A native Coloradan, Nichol Kessinger was born in 1988. Nichole received her Bachelor of Science in Geology from Colorado State University and her Associate of Science in Biology from the Community College of Aurora. It was in June of 2018 not long after she had started working for Tasman Geosciences that she first met Chris Watts. They met because her firm was contracted by Chris’s employer, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.

At once, the two hit it off and began a whirlwind romance that quickly eclipsed Chris’s ties to his family. Despite Nichol’s knowledge of Chris’s wife and girls, she believed he had already moved on from them. To make matters worse, she was completely wrong, and Chris killed his own family to be with her. When Nichol learned of Chris’s murder conviction, she cut all ties with him.

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now

When Nichol began to suspect that Chris was responsible for the disappearance of his family, she alerted the authorities. She cooperated with authorities and gave them key information throughout the inquiry. After Chris’s conviction, Nichol entered witness protection and was given a new identity and location. As a result, she was forced to leave her position at Tasman Geosciences.

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How Did the News of Murder Spread?

Nickole Atkinson, a friend of Shanann Cathryn Rzucek, shared the news that Chris’ wife and girls had gone missing on August 13, 2018. Atkinson, who was worried about her missed obstetrician/gynecologist appointment, also failed to respond to her phone calls or text messages.

Atkinson attempted the doorbell and knocked a few times when she visited Shannan at her house. When she tried calling, she got no response, so she called Chris at the office and told the police in Frederick. Before leaving for work that morning at 5:15 a.m., Watt reportedly told Denver7 that he left his wife and daughter asleep. They were no longer there when he came back.

The investigation, however, revealed that Shannan had left without taking her phone, pocketbook, or vehicle. Chris’ explanation didn’t add up, so the cops became sceptical of him.

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now?

After Nichol entered witness protection, her locations were concealed. As someone who had been publicly shamed for her ties to Chris Watts, Nichol knew she had to change her appearance and name. Chris Watts, however, revealed to his pen buddy Cheryln Cadle in 2019 that he was still romantically interested in Nichol.

He went on to claim that he was receiving many letters from what he assumed were various identities of Nichol while he was locked up. Using this data, Cadle wrote a book titled “Letters from Christopher,” which details the fictitious correspondence between Nichol and Chris.

With no proof that Nichol herself was behind the letters, authorities were sceptical of Chris’s assertion. In March of 2021, Chris’ cellmate David Carter revealed to Daily Mail that Chris had been secretly getting mail from Nichol under a new alias. Further, he said that Chris had confided in him that he had received such messages in September 2020, and that officials had discovered them and shut down Chris’ email account since he was not authorised to communicate with Nichol.

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Why Nichol Want to Contact Chris?

Carter, when asked if Nichol had any cause to contact Chris, responded, “He told me she said that she needed to speak to him to clear some things up. He wouldn’t tell me exactly what she had said.” The whereabouts and identity of Nichol Kessinger are still shrouded in mystery, according to the witness protection programme.

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now

Even if the letters are from Nichol, Chris is probably never going to see her again; he has five life sentences, plus another 48 years for unlawful termination of pregnancy and another 36 years for interfering with a deceased body from three other convictions.

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Was She Involved in the Murder?

The detectives have stated that Nichol deleted several of the messages she sent to Chris, which is very suspicious and raises serious doubts about her involvement in the murder. But in a two-hour interview she elaborated, saying:

“I was just kinda grossed out by him. I didn’t know what was going on right now. You just lied to me and I don’t wanna see this come over my phone again. So I removed it. I deleted all of his stuff because he lied to me. It was the hurt that made me delete it.”

Many people believed she was full of guilt during the interview, despite the lack of proof linking her to the disappearances. Similar to his, there were other holes in her story, such as the fact that she started looking for wedding dresses online after just dating him for a couple of months. Regardless of the reason, detectives were unable to uncover any proof that she was involved.

Nonetheless, there are many who insist she is just as responsible, and her involvement with the killer has sparked a number of reactions. She was then labelled a “home-wrecker” by the media and a “murderer mistress” by her detractors.

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