Nailed It With the Tiktok Handshake Challenge With the Bae!

TikTok is a great platform for uploading and sharing comedic videos set to any song. This can be done with an existing idea or by completing one of the viral TikTok Challenges.

You usually just have to accomplish a simple task or dance to a specific song and then share the results on social media for your followers to see in order to fulfill these challenges. You may utilize many of the apps that we recommend for gaining Instagram followers on TikTok as well.

You should be aware that some of the challenges posted on TikTok can be harmful. Don’t worry, though; none of the tests we’ve selected pose any danger. Among these is the recently-publicized “Benadryl challenge,” which you should not participate in since it could be fatal.

Handshake Tiktok Challange

Anyone who enjoyed the 1998 film The Parent Trap, which featured a unique handshake at the film’s outset, will appreciate this challenge.

The goal of the challenge is to do this incredibly complex handshake with another person.

The 10-Day Handshake Profile Challenge

These 10 simple steps will help you begin your job search painlessly and efficiently with Handshake.

Having difficulty getting started with Handshake? Don’t try to achieve everything in one day! Instead, start your career with a basic assignment that you can complete in small phases over the course of 10 days. That means you’ll be able to master the Handshake in less than two weeks!

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Day 1: Make your Handshake profile active.

Sign up for Handshake using your “.edu” email address and complete the activation steps.

Day 2: Submit your résumé.

Did you know you can upload your résumé and your Handshake profile will automatically draw in a plethora of information? Save yourself the time and trouble of repeating information by uploading your resume before adding anything else to your profile! Then all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

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Day 3: Determine your job preferences.

This includes deciding where you want to work, your chosen employment roles, and your ideal job type: part-time, full-time, internship, or on-campus.

Day 4: Increase your experience.

Add any previous volunteer, internship, or work experience to your profile. This enables prospective employers to learn about your prior (or current) duties.

Day 5: Track down five intriguing employers.

Investigate various organizations and businesses on Handshake and follow them for updates. Recruiters frequently examine who is following them – this can help you get on their radar and get early alerts for fresh possibilities!

Day 6: Complete previous courses and unique skills.

Fill up specific courses, abilities, and talents that may be important to your future career in your academic record. This can assist prospective employers to have a better understanding of what you have to offer their company!

Day 7: Include a headshot.

This isn’t required for securing a job, but a photo might help put a face to your name – especially if you met a recruiter on campus at a career fair or event.

Day 8: Contact three colleagues whose professional experience you admire.

By messaging peers, you can use Handshake to form connections. Contact alumni from your school, persons who have previously held internships in fields that interest you, and others.

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Day 9: Ask one specific question about a firm, employment function, or opportunity.

There are so many smart people on Handshake — ask them about specific career routes, organizations, or opportunities!

Day 10: Submit five job applications that pique your attention.

This goes without saying. Make sure to apply for jobs and internships now that you’re a Handshake pro!

That’s it: you’re a Handshake expert. We are excited to assist you in finding your next career, internship, or professional opportunity!

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