Attenzione Pickpocket TikTok Trend: Who is the Woman Screaming “Attenzione Pickpocket!”?

Attenzione Pickpocket TikTok Trend: A new video of a lady shouting “attenzione pickpocket” has gone viral on TikTok, adding to the platform’s extensive list of trends. But what does it mean and how did it start?

Already in July, TikTok has started a number of new trends, such as the “lazy girl job” trend, the “latte makeup” craze, and the “Paw Patrol” filter.

The latest trend started when a TikToker named @cittadininondistratti2 posted a video of a woman yelling “Attenzione pickpockets!” at pickpockets in Italy. The woman often did this to tell tourists that there was a pickpocket in the area.

What is ‘Attenzione Pickpocket’ on TikTok?

The woman in the original video was trying to warn people around her about pickpockets when she yelled “Attenzione Pickpocket!” This means “Attention: Pickpocket!” in English.

As for the person who first posted it on TikTok, his or her nickname, “Cittadini Non-Distratti,” means “Citizens not distracted.” The first account was shut down, but the videos kept going on a new account called @cittadininondistratti2.

The account has more than 300,000 followers and is made up of videos of the same woman yelling the Italian phrase so that everyone around her knows who the thieves are.

The original video was shot in Venice, Italy, which is one of the most popular tourist spots and therefore a popular target for pickpockets.

Who is the Woman Screaming “Attenzione Pickpocket!”?

Monica is the name of the woman who has been yelling this line in different places. She is part of a group that has been working against pickpockets for decades.

Attenzione Pickpocket TikTok Trend

She told Newsweek, “I’ve been part of a group against pickpockets for 30 years, along with 40 other people who cause trouble.” She then said that when people lose their papers, they have to go to the embassy and pay extra money to get home.

Monica said, “This costs them more money, so it’s best to keep it from happening by telling tourists about the problem.”

But Diego Brentani, a Venice police officer, warned people that this could be dangerous and said that these videos should not be on the internet. During a conversation with Deutsche Welle, he added that young people who follow the trend could be in danger.

“Even more so if they are underage. Even if the people are known pickpockets, you can’t get physical with them. As long as they aren’t caught in the act, they are assumed to be innocent.

But the cops in Venice also appreciate the help because they have a lot to do.

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A video on TikTok has gone viral, showcasing a woman shouting “Attenzione pickpocket!” at pickpockets in Italy. The video, posted by @cittadininondistratti2, aims to warn tourists about pickpockets and their potential dangers.

The woman, Monica, is part of a group working against pickpockets for decades. However, Venice police officer Diego Brentani warns that the video could be dangerous, especially for young people.

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