Lazy Girl Job TikTok Trend: When Did It Start Trending?

Lazy Girl Job TikTok Trend: Women on TikTok have started a new trend by sharing what it’s like to work in an easy job that pays well. This has caused a debate, though.

Work-life balance is more than just a buzzword because people work hard to achieve it while still reaching their goals. But Gen Z is trying to find ways to make life easy and have a ‘healthier’ balance between work and life.

Some TikTok users love that “Lazy Girl Jobs” are the new thing on the platform, and they’ve been talking about how they’ve done them and been paid well. Some people say that this is a good way to find a balance, so the trend has taken over the app.

“Lazy girl jobs” are basically low-stress jobs that don’t take much work but still pay well.

What is the ‘Lazy Girls Jobs’ Trend?

There is a big change for the better in how people work thanks to modern technology. Business Insider says that the trend is currently going popular on the app TikTok, where girls are posting about the trend and what they like about it.

Lazy Girl Job TikTok Trend

Millennials used to be all about the constant hustle until they got tired of it. On the other hand, the “lazy girl job” trend is all about having a life outside of work and keeping a good mix between the two. The trend is to have a job or work chance that doesn’t put too much stress on you and pays enough for your lifestyle.

When Did ‘Lazy Girls Jobs’ Start Trending?

Gabrielle Judge, a TikToker, is often given credit for starting the trend. This is because she shared a video with business advice in which she showed how people could get good jobs that paid well without doing much work.

“I like ‘lazy girl jobs’ a lot. Judge said, “There are a lot of jobs out there where you could make $60,000 to $80,000 a year without doing that much work.

Judge said she added the word “lazy” because, compared to the American Hustle culture, these job offers “should make you feel like you’re almost operating in a lazy state.”

Lazy Girl Job TikTok Trend

Other users who shared their own “lazy jobs” are now going popular. One person said that she makes a “bomb salary” at her job as a “lazy girl.” “I get paid a bomb salary to not talk to anyone, take breaks whenever I want, and be an office baddie,” she wrote.

A TikToker said that her job required her to sit at a desk from 9 to 4 and send bills on her own time while watching Netflix and TikTok and making good money. Another person said that she makes a good wage at her job by “copying and pasting” and taking five calls a day.

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The “Lazy Girl Jobs” trend on TikTok is gaining popularity as women share their experiences with low-stress jobs that pay well. The trend aims to create a balance between work and life, with some users claiming it’s a good way to find a balance.

The trend began with Gabrielle Judge’s video on business advice, where she showed how people could find good jobs that paid well without much work. Users have shared their own “lazy jobs,” earning a “bomb salary” for their jobs.

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