What Makes “Respect the Drip” Tiktok Challenge in Limelight?

TikTok is one of the best places to make funny videos and share them with any music you want. You can do this with an idea you already have or by doing one of the popular TikTok Challenges.

These challenges are usually rather easy to complete, requiring nothing more than recording a video of yourself completing a simple task like dancing to designated music for your followers to see. We have compiled a list of the top apps to increase your popularity; many of these may also be utilized on TikTok to increase your Instagram following.

Keep in mind that there are potentially harmful TikTok Challenges out there; we’ve taken great care to only present harmless ones in this article. One that has received much attention is the “Benadryl challenge,” which is exceedingly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Respect the Drip

Observe the Drip Using the phrase “respect the drip Karen,” Karen alludes to a popular TikTok video in which a person reveals that they have been working on a new costume but that their stepmother won’t let them wear it out.

They then unveil their outfit. The word also contains the slang term “drip,” which refers to fashion or attire, as well as the stereotypically antagonistic female character Karen that is frequently encountered in memes. The original audio from the video was subsequently used in additional TikTok videos that feature bizarre attire starting in August 2019.

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TikTok user @drewbreeeeze published the first version of the video on their platform on the 23rd of July, 2019. In it, he can be seen donning several layers of clothing while claiming that his stepmother won’t let him wear it outside (shown below). Within a month, the video garnered more than 72,300 likes and 9,000 shares.


TikTok user @nicksdeathpit released a popular variant on August 5th, 2019, in which he wears an extravagant squirrel costume (shown below, left). In 21 days, the video received over 827,600 likes and 93,000 shares.

Two days later, @kevinconstantino82 shared another popular version, which received over 870,600 likes and 68,600 shares in 19 days (shown below, center). Respect the Drip Karen was defined by Urban Dictionary user HeylookmomImadeit on August 14th “A tik tok reference to someone donning their favorite (usually unusual) attire and whining about how they can’t wear it out.

As a result, I told Karen to respect the drip (drip indicating dress or style).” Throughout the month, TikTok users proceeded to build their own variants. @anwar posted another Respect the Drip Karen video sporting a sombrero on August 21st (shown below right). In five days, the video received over 663,700 likes and 24,100 shares.

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