Who is Niceboy ED? There Are Some Theories on the Internet: Let’s Explore!

You don’t have to be a Taylor Swift fan to know that the pop queen likes to leave clues and Easter eggs. Sometimes she does this years ahead of time to get people excited about things she has coming up. So when Taylor posted a TikTok montage of the making of “Midnights” using the song “Life You Lead” by an artist no one had ever heard of, it sent us die-hard fans into an internet spiral.

That artist is, of course, Niceboy Ed. The strange thing is that Taylor had never posted anything before he used his (or her, but we’ll get to that) audio on TikTok (…yes that was a Taylor reference, thank you for picking up what I was putting down). The song had just been posted on YouTube the day before Taylor posted her TikTok on September 16, which was the same day that an account with the same name posted on Instagram.

The only other time Niceboy Ed posted was to announce a new song called “Heaven.” Who is this Niceboy Ed, anyway? Let’s investigate!

Who is Niceboy Ed?

Niceboy Ed is the artist who is credited for “Life You Lead,” but he doesn’t appear to have existed before Swift covered the song.

Swift used the video footage from the original release of the song by the phony artist on September 16, one day before.

Niceboy On their unverified Instagram account, Ed has only one post, but Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift’s longtime boyfriend (and possible fiance/husband), follows them.


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Weirdly, nobody seems to be raving about Niceboy Ed. One Reddit user wrote in the r/TaylorSwift thread, where Swifties discuss the singer and her music, that the TikTok sound Swift used was from a new song by an unsigned artist named “Niceboy Ed.”

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Many fans have speculated on the answer, given the singer’s penchant for using complex techniques to leave hints about her songs.

Niceboy Ed maybe Joe Alywn, Taylor’s longtime boyfriend

Yes, it is what you read. Let us inform those of you who are unaware that Taylor Swift and her beau Joe Alwyn had previously worked together. Alwyn once collaborated with Swift using the alias William Bowery.

Taylor revealed that Joe Alwyn was in fact her lover when they spoke about the song Exile in her Disney+ movie Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions. Then, she added, “William Bowery’s identity has been the subject of much controversy, as he is not a genuine person. Joe, as we all know, is William Bowery.

Although the young child in the images for Niceboy Ed’s songs certainly resembles Joe Alwyn, the actor who played Joe in The Last Letter from Your Lover, it is not yet proven that the little boy is Taylor’s boyfriend, Joe.

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“Come on Joe what happened to William Bowery?” one user asked on social media. While a different commenter continued, “He’s blonde, he’s Joe. Simple🙂😂.” A second user continued, “OMG OMG JOE?”

Taylor Swift fans theorize about Niceboy Ed’s identity

Taylor Swift’s TikTok video coincided with an Instagram post that used the same song. Niceboy Ed’s last post was on October 14, 2022, when he released a song called Heaven. He shared a photo of a baby boy with blond hair and a yellow t-shirt.

Fans dug deep into the internet to figure out who Niceboy Ed was. Some speculate that it could be British actor Joe Alwyn.

Swift had already worked with the actor under the alias William Bowery. Taylor has also expressed admiration for Joe’s musical ability, and admirers believe the tiny boy in Niceboy Ed’s tweet resembles Joe.

Another possibility has been proposed by @joealwyndrunk. It was mentioned that Joe has a group of buddies known as the ‘Frosty crew,’ and Ed is one of them. Ed is said to have previously spent out with Taylor Swift and even attended a New Year’s Eve party at her residence. The user even included a photo of Joe and Ed together.

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Can Niceboy Ed be Taylor Swift herself?

Some have hypothesized that Niceboy Ed is really Snow on the Beach singer Taylor Swift. This could very well be the case as well. To tide you over until further information is released, check out Taylor’s new album Midnights, which features two tracks by Niceboy Ed.

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Taylor Swift covered “Life You Lead” by an artist no one had ever heard of. An Instagram account with the same name as Niceboy Ed was created the day before Swift covered it. Taylor Swift fans theorize about Niceboy Ed’s identity.

Some speculate that it could be British actor Joe Alwyn. Ed is said to have previously spent time with Taylor Swift and attended a New Year’s Eve party at her home.

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