Who is Bryce (Aron Max) Harper Wife? Know All About His Wife Here!

Bryce Aron Max Harper is an American right fielder and designated hitter for the Major League Baseball team Philadelphia Phillies (MLB). Before Harper came to Philadelphia, he played from 2012 to 2018 for the Washington Nationals. People have said that he has “five tools.”

Harper finished high school early so that he could go to the College of Southern Nevada, where he won the 2010 Golden Spikes Award. Harper was taken first overall by the Nationals in the 2010 MLB draught. On April 28, 2012, at the age of 19, he made his MLB debut with the Nationals. Harper was chosen to play in the 2012 All-Star Game, making him the youngest position player to ever do so.

Bryce Aaron Early Life

Bryce Aaron Max Harper was born in Las Vegas in 1992. Harper is a Mormon. His father reportedly influenced him to work hard. His brother played for the Nationals. Harper doesn’t drink because of his religion.

Las Vegas-born Bryce graduated high school early. This helped him enter the 2010 MLB Draft early. At 17, Harper played catcher at the College of Southern Nevada. He hit 31 home runs in college, breaking the school record of 12 per season. He was suspended after contesting an umpire’s call.

 Who is Bryce Aaron’s Wife?

Although Harper and his then-girlfriend Kayla Varner planned to wed in January 2015, the ceremony never took place. Kayla made the happy announcement of her and her fiance’s reunion and re-engagement in July of 2016.

In a ceremony held at the San Diego California Temple in December 2016, Harper wed his longtime partner. Their son was born in Las Vegas on August 22, 2019, when Harper was on paternity leave with his wife. In November of the year 2020, they welcomed their second child, a daughter.


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Who is Kayla Varner?

Kayla Varner likes sports and played soccer in high school and in her sophomore year of college at both Brigham Young University and Ohio State. Varner is 29 years old but other than what she posts on social media, not much is known about her.

She showed herself to be a foodie on an Instagram page where she posted pictures of herself and her husband, Bryce Harper, making recipes. Since 2018, when the page stopped working, Varner has mostly stayed out of the spotlight and kept supporting her husband’s baseball career.

How Did Kayla and Bryce Meet?

After meeting in high school in 2010, Bryce Harper and Kayla Varner got engaged. They had been engaged since 2014, and their wedding was scheduled for the following year, in 2015.

But they said their wedding was back in July 2016. The pair decided to get married in a temple recognized by the Church of Latter-day Saints because they are both active Mormons.

When you are married in an LDS temple, there won’t be any traditional wedding traditions; instead, the ceremony will be centred on spirituality and faith. Varner told The Knot, “Religion was obviously the most significant component of our marriage.”

“The marriage at the temple is very solemn. Only specific people are allowed to attend the wedding because our faith is highly private. Therefore, it was wonderful to simply enjoy it with our immediate family.

Varner claimed he sobbed the entire day, and pictures of their first meeting show Harper covering his face with his hands in a sign of sadness.

He is the most selfless person I have ever met “said Varner. “I believe that’s what drew me to him in the first place. He’s also silly and humorous; he enjoys pulling pranks on me, which, despite the fact that I get frustrated by it, I secretly love. He’s the best. I cherish him.

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