Kingdom Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Trailer!

Netflix has progressively become the finest site to watch Korean TV outside of South Korea, and the show Kingdom is the crown gem in Netflix’s collection.

Due to the fact that the zombie show/period drama outdoes The Walking Dead in terms of frantic pacing and genuine scares, there was a very real risk that the series would never see the light of day. The Walking Dead was put to shame by the zombie show/period drama.

“Before Train to Busan, even in the film industry, the prevalent notion was that the zombie genre was a niche genre that appealed to only a small group of fans,” the writer for Kingdom, Kim Eun-hee, told The Hollywood Reporter. “But after the success of Train to Busan, it became clear that the zombie genre has the potential to attract a much larger audience.”

This was considerably more prevalent in the case of drama shows. The majority of Korean television dramas are broadcast on channels that are considered to be public broadcasting stations. Since these are the types of channels that are typically watched by families, the ratings for the shows on these channels are typically lower to accommodate a wider audience and are evaluated using more stringent standards.

It goes without saying that violent scenes that show dead bodies being harmed are not permitted. Under these conditions, it was extremely unlikely that a zombie show could be developed into a drama series. This is because zombies can only be stopped by being beheaded in such a show.

Ryu Seung Ryong, who plays Cho Hak-Ju, says he was taken aback by the show’s popularity.

“Oh my gosh!” It was entirely out of the blue, and I was both pleased and honored to see Kingdom, or something so obviously connected to us, receive such widespread acclaim around the world.

It was a chance for us to see that linguistic and cultural obstacle don’t stand in the way of people appreciating high-quality content, as the author puts it (via Cosmo).

If the season two finale and ‘Ashin of the North’ special are any indication, Kingdom will be renewed soon. Netflix ordered season two before the first chapter was out, so it’s only a matter of time.

Ashin of the North is a bridge to the third season, says director Kim Seong-hun (via Philstar)

“Kingdom seasons 1 and 2 covered thirst for power, hunger, and lineage. For season 3, I needed something new.”

“‘Ashin of the North’ explains why these themes occur. Through new individuals and events, new conflicts occur, and I guess that’s what inspires us to move to the next season.”

Writer Kim Eun-hee called the episode “the beginning, the root”

Her explanation: “Han’s pain is memorable. Like a gut cut. Yes, I wanted to write Han’s story. In prior seasons, it centered on Prince Chang and other established characters.

“I thought about the folks that rule the north of Joseon. I think dominant people feel the same way whether in Joseon or another country (of Han).

“Ashin’s backstory is vast and intricate. Rather than incorporating it into the third season, I felt it would be more audience-friendly and conducive to higher quality content if we offered it as a special episode.”

Kim stated of season three, “I’d lie if there wasn’t pressure. This causes pressure. It’s hard to build something that 100 people will all love.”

She told The Hollywood Reporter she had enough ideas for many more seasons.

“Strangely, writing Kingdom gives me more energy,” she stated. “There’s more to say about the cast and crew’s relationship. If viewers allow it, I’d want to see season 10!”

That’s a far-off goal. What might we anticipate from the unverified third season?

It’s all here.

Kingdom Season 3: Release Date

Kingdom Season 3

As of September 2022, there has been no word on when we may expect to see Kingdom season 3. In a strict sense, it has not yet been renewed.

Season one of Kingdom debuted in January 2019, while season two premiered in March 2020. On the basis of this plan alone, we anticipated that fresh episodes will begin airing in early 2021.

A large number of setbacks and delays have been experienced by the TV business as a result of Covid.

The publication of “Ashin of the North” in July 2021 at least gave fans something to look forward to. However, data aggregator FlixPatrol reports that the one-off movie didn’t have much of an impact on the service overall.

Despite its popularity, it was not a Netflix top 10 original in the United States or the United Kingdom, two of the service’s primary markets. It spent 19 consecutive days in the top 10 in South Korea, followed by 14 consecutive days in Hong Kong.

In general, a member’s first month on Netflix is used as a predictor of future success. In light of this, its seeming disappearance from the public’s consciousness is not encouraging. Slightly better results were seen in South Korea and Hong Kong and Taiwan, where the picture remained in the top 10 for a combined 88 and 31 days, respectively, but again, this was the only region where it even cracked the two-week threshold.

Kim Eun-hee, talking to The Hollywood Reporter about Kingdom and the present scenario, stated, “Because the series deals with a pandemic, I think it’s unavoidable that the program is compared to the current reality and affected by it, whether it be good or negative.

As one character says, “Even if the show is the result of the writers’ wild imagination, I hope the epidemic will soon be under control like in our show.”

But she continued, saying that the virus isn’t the series’ main focus.

She explained that while the plot of Kingdom does involve a plague, she focused more on the stories of the individuals who responded to the outbreak than on the plague itself. Some people struggle against it, some accept it, and a select few use it to advance their careers. More attention to those people might help people feel less threatened by the pandemic.

It’s a genre show, so I don’t think people will be turned off by the fact that it’s about a pandemic,” Park In-je continued.

Kingdom is a highly entertaining film, and I don’t think Korean audiences will be unfamiliar with the zombie genre after watching it. The fact that it’s set in a bygone era, which most people have some knowledge of, also makes it more accessible.

At the very least, I pray that everyone who watches Kingdom has a great time doing it.

Some of the political ideas presented on the show have also recently emerged as hot topics.

Kingdom author Kim Eun-hee told Forbes, “I pondered a lot about what is politics” when writing the novel.

The impact of corrupt authority on people’s lives is something I wanted viewers to consider.

As soon as we have additional information, we will share it with you.

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Kingdom Season 3: Cast

Ju Ji-hoon isn’t likely to leave the franchise any time soon. When asked why Kingdom is so popular and what it has meant for him and his career, the actor said:

“Kingdom is unique because it works well as both a movie and a TV show. And I think that finding the middle ground between the two genres really brought out a lot of the best parts of each. And it’s also a lot of fun. I’m really happy with how things turned out.

“In terms of what being a part of Kingdom has done for me, just look at us today. Thanks to Kingdom, I’m sitting right here in this chair, video conferencing with you guys,” (via Cosmo).

So the Crown Prince is probably safe.

Kingdom Season 3

Even though a few fan favorites died in season two, many of them will probably be back in season three. Most likely, the following will join Ju Ji Hoon:

Ryu Seung-ryong as Cho Hak-ju • Bae Doona as Seo-bi • Kim Sung-kyu as Yeong-shin • Jeon Seok-ho as Cho Beom-pal • Park Byuong-eun as Min Chi-rok

In the very last scene of season two, South Korean star Jun Ji-Hyun also showed up in a mysterious new role. This almost certainly means that Kingdom will be back for a third season.

Now, before a whole new season comes out, Netflix has shown a new feature-length episode that connects seasons two and three and reveals that Jun’s Ji-character Hyun is really Ashin of the North.

“Ashin of the North” is a “prequel” episode that shows Ashin as a child. There, we find out how the virus got into people in the first place, and we learn more about why Ashin wants to cause chaos all over the country.

Kingdom Season 3: Plot

Seven years and three months after the initial zombie outbreak, season three will probably pick up precisely where season two left off.

The mystery plant vendor known only as Ashin will play a significant role in what happens next, albeit exactly what that role will be is unclear at this time. What gives Jun’s Ji-character Hyun such a desire for anarchy? Or is she attempting to disseminate zombie ideology in order to pave the way for a Chinese invasion of a destabilized nation?

It’s safe to assume that the new Prince will have a larger role in season three. He was protected from the zombie-inducing worms as a newborn, but as he’s gotten older, it appears that the one parasite he had left has made its way to his brain.

However, this does not ensure that the prince will undergo a monstrous change. Given the extraordinary rarity of his condition and the length of time the worm has been residing in his body, the youngster may instead mutate into some sort of unnatural zombie-human hybrid.

According to a recent interview given by Kingdom author Kim Eun-hee (as quoted by Soompi):

Anyone who has seen it can attest that Lee Chang, Seo-bi, and Yeong-shin are the types of people who would actively seek to prevent the emergence of an epidemic. I think it would be interesting to have the third season focus on the search for the source of the plague.

While the specifics of Season 3 have been kept under wraps, we can rest assured that Seo-bi will remain just as unflinching.

Bae Doona said of her in the same Cosmo interview, “She’s unstoppable and she’s quite persistent or stubborn in a manner, [especially] when doing what she believes is the correct thing to do.”

I respect her for being so determined and unyielding, and I appreciate that she doesn’t like to draw attention to herself. She has a lot of brains and is a fascinating person. All of these are qualities that I find endearing in her.

Season one was about hunger, while season two was about blood. If Netflix is on board, I’d like Season 3 to explore feelings of resentment. The second season focused on the idea of temperature, and I believe the story’s setting should be moved north because of the region’s distinctive ecosystem.

Kim Eun-hee discussed the series’ origins in an interview with Forbes.

She mentioned the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, which detailed the deaths of thousands of Koreans due to an unknown illness, and added, “Maybe I can show the epidemic with zombies.”

She went on to say that it “would be a very intriguing approach to portray the sufferings and pains of the people of that time.” This is how I conceived of writing Kingdom, I said to myself.

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Kingdom Season 3: Trailer

Unfortunately, we have yet to see any form of trailer or even a taster of what is to come because there is no word on when the show will return.

But keep checking back because we’ll let you know as soon as we learn more.


Kingdom seasons 1 and 2 are currently accessible to everyone in the world on Netflix.

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