Camila Cabello And The One Show Discuss Her Wardrobe Malfunction During Airtime!

Camila Cabello and The One Show have addressed an awful wardrobe malfunction that occurred live on air during her appearance on the show.

On Monday’s broadcast of the BBC evening chatshow, which has had its fair share of technical difficulties with remote celebrity interviews, there was an unpleasant moment with the Cuban-American popstar (March 7).

When Camila Cabello was promoting her new single “Bam Bam” with hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas, a fan emailed her asking which dance move from the music video was her favorite. At the time, Cabello was promoting her new single with Jones and Jenas.

That was when everything started to go wrong, as Camila’s shirt came loose during a dance display, causing hosts Alan Carr and Toby-Alexander Smith and other guests to gasp at the wardrobe malfunction. Camila’s top had come loose during the dance show.

The contestant from the American version of The X Factor responded by stating, “I hope you didn’t see nipple.”

Then, Alex stated that “there was a flash of something,” as Alan Carr made light of the situation while speaking with the singer via a remote link.

In a later segment of the show, Alex addressed the audience and the situation head-on, telling them: “We apologize once more for the wardrobe mishap that occurred with Camila; bless her! It’s true that it can happen to any one of us, right?”

Jermaine Jenas continued by saying that she handled the situation quite well.

During one of the interview’s many lighter and more humorous moments, Cabello disclosed that she is an avid supporter of the other guest, Alan Carr.

When Cabello offered to work with Carr on a song as she’d just done with Ed Sheeran on ‘Bam Bam,’ the comic reassured her that he played “a mean maraca.” This was in response to Cabello’s invitation.

Camila informed the star of “The Chatty Man” that she loved him and that she thought he was hilarious.

Carr gave the impression of being taken aback by the praises, and in response, he blew her a kiss and told her: “I love you! I love you!”

It’s possible that this may be the start of a wonderful friendship…

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Camila Cabello’s Net Worth

Camila Cabello is a singer from the United States who is currently worth $18 million dollars. First coming to public attention as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, Camila quickly rose to fame. After that, she embarked on a solo career that was extremely successful.

Early Life of Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello was born in March of 1997 in the city of Cojimar, Cuba. Camila and her family lived in both Mexico City, Cuba (where her father, Alejandro Cabello, was from) and Havana, Cuba, when she was a child. Camila’s father was from Mexico City (where her mother, Sinuhe Estrabao, was from).

When Camila was just five years old, she, her mother, and her older sister Sofia relocated to Miami. Her father was unable to get a visa at the time, but he eventually caught up with the family after around a year and a half had passed.

In 2008, Cabello was awarded citizenship in the United States. She started out at Miami Palmetto High School but dropped out in the ninth year in order to pursue a career as a singer. She went on to complete her high school education.

Her Solo Career

On December 18, 2016, Fifth Harmony addressed the widespread speculation by stating unequivocally that Camila Cabello had parted ways with the group to concentrate on her solo career.

Uncomfortably, just a few days later, the group made an appearance together on a prerecorded special for New Year’s Eve that had been filmed before she left the group. As a solo artist, Camila has achieved a great deal of success. Her first solo effort, “Crying in the Club,” was released on May 19, 2017, and it reached its highest position in the United States at number 47.

Her song “Havana,” which featured Young Thug, topped the charts in a number of nations, including the United States and the United Kingdom. The song had accumulated more than 888 million streams by the time June 2018 rolled around, making it Spotify’s all-time most popular song by a female solo artist.

In January of 2018, she published her first album, which was titled simply “her,” and it quickly rose to the top of the charts in numerous nations, including the United States and Canada.

Camilla was the first artist to simultaneously occupy the top spot on both the Adult Top 40 and the Mainstream Top 40 charts, where she did so for a total of one week. She was shortlisted for two Grammy Awards in December 2018, one for Best Pop Solo Performance (for a live version of “Havana”), and the other for Best Pop Vocal Album.

On June 21, 2019, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes collaborated on a song titled “Senorita,” which debuted at position No. 2 on the Billboard 100 in the United States. By August of that summer, it had climbed all the way to the top spot. It was stated that she would begin a tour in promotion of the record in 2020, and on December 6, 2019, she launched her second album titled “Romance.”

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