Professor From Money Heist: The Professor’s Plan Revealed, Explaining Netflix Show’s Finale!

It’s finally time to put an end to this riveting story.

Here Is The Spoiler Of Money Heist

Fans were left wondering if the Money Heist group would ever have their happy ending, but the heist is now complete with a cliffhanger finish.

Part two of the fifth season of the Netflix show has the unenviable task of bringing the show back to its roots for the last farewell after the death of Tokyo in the previous episode—and of keeping everyone else alive, hopefully.

The facts were exposed in the final five episodes of La Casa de Papel as the crew made one last attempt to start over.

In the end, did they prevail? You can find out all you need here.

Find Out How the Movie La Casa De Papel’s Heist of the Money Vault Concludes

At the beginning of the tenth episode of season five, titled “A Family Tradition,” it appears that things are not going well for the heist team. The Professor, who was in charge of their operation, has turned himself into the authority, and it now appears that their goal has been unsuccessful.

Professor From Money Heist

After turning himself inside of a bank, Tamayo interrogates The Professor regarding the whereabouts of the gold before ultimately arresting him. Tamayo’s questioning comes before The Professor’s arrest.

In addition to that, he details the litany of offenses that have been committed against his club. On the other hand, whoever reveals to him the location of the gold will receive a totally new life in exchange for their information.

But never let it be said that The Professor is a guy without a plan; instead, he chooses to reveal to the world in a film that he discloses to the public how he defrauded the Royal Bank of Spain with some assistance from third parties.

The video has a devastating impact on Spain as a whole, causing a drop in the stock market as investors begin forecasting the country’s imminent demise as a result of the video.

As a result, the country is in the midst of a financial crisis, the team starts to scurry, and Denver, who is worried about the well-being of his son, comes close to turning himself into the authorities.

While Sierra is off on a quest to recover the stolen riches, the Professor is, in turn, subjected to torture at the hands of Tamayo, whom he is attempting to win over to his cause.

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However, if that doesn’t work, The Professor has a backup plan for his backup plan, which involves the gold being mysteriously handed back over to the authorities in Spain and the “problem” is resolved.

It has come to light, however, that the gold is actually brass that has been painted gold, and that the whole thing was a gigantic con to attempt and demonstrate to people that wealth and security are a fiction.

Professor From Money Heist

Tamayo, who was put in an impossible position, conceded defeat, agreed to pretend the gang had been wiped out in the repercussions and made it possible for Spain to regain its financial footing on more stable ground.

It’s Time to Part Ways

After less than a day, the people involved in the crime were given new passports and, in all likelihood, new lives. Denver has reconciled his relationship with Stockholm, and while speaking with The Professor, he confesses that he “almost blew it” with his previous production.

They finally got all of the money they needed to start over, so they boarded a chopper and vanished into the night, never to be seen again.

The Professor rejoices in the knowledge that he has triumphed, but not before asking Sierra, who has also arrived to begin her new life, where the gold actually is. Sierra has also arrived to begin her new life.

It turns out that it was hidden in the modest house that Tatiana and Rafael built, and it is already approximately halfway to Portugal in the back of a truck…

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