Who Killed Sara Season 3: Is Sara Alive Or Dead In This Drama?

What wears down the spirit? It could be considered unfinished business. Over eighteen years have passed, and Alex Guzman still has no idea what became of his sister, Sara. Although it is common knowledge that Sara perished in a paragliding accident, Alex has reason to doubt this to be the case.

After initially suspecting the Lazcano family, he eventually learned that it was Marifer who murdered Sara at the end of season 2. Both Marifer and Abel Martinez Osorio were Sara’s fathers, making Marifer a half-sister. He was schizophrenic and had sexually assaulted Sara and Alex’s mother, Lucia.

However, the family tree is further complicated by the fact that Alex and Sara do not have the same father; this fact is not particularly significant to Sara’s murder. Cesar Lazcano came to the rescue when Abel attacked Sara in her home by shooting the assailant in the head. Alex discovered Abel’s body in the backyard after he had been buried at Sara’s.

Alex’s son Chema took the rap for a murder he didn’t commit since Cesar fled Mexico at the end of Season 2. Chema, who had previously lost everything, admitted to killing Abel because he loved Alex and wanted to safeguard the one thing he still had.

The question, “Who Killed Sara?” At the start of Season 3, Chema has been arrested, and Cesar has fled to the Seychelles Islands, taking over $13 million in family business funds with him. After Alex’s lover Elisa Lazcano burned down her family’s casino at the end of Season 2 to ruin her father’s reign, the Lazcano family was left with nothing. Even though everyone thought Marifer perished in the casino blaze, she actually returns in Season 3.

There’s a good chance that Alex will be able to enlist Marifer’s assistance in his investigation of Sara’s death now that she’s in the hospital with multiple bruises covering her entire body. However, Reinaldo Gómez de la Cortina is the season’s main focus. When Alex and Sara were in college, Nicandro’s father, also an affluent kid in Alex’s network, sold narcotics to Sara.

who killed sara season 3

Alex thought Nicandro had perished in London, but he returns in Season 3 together with his father Reinaldo to confess their actions toward Sara. Without further ado, then, let’s investigate what became of Sara Guzman.

The Medusa Project: What Was It Exactly?

After deciding that the Greek mythological figure Medusa best represented the spurned woman, Reinaldo gave his innovative endeavor the name. Reinaldo claims that many people over the globe are unable to love or be loved as a result of their tragic lives, traumatic childhood experiences, or internal aggressiveness.

Medusa Complex is what he called it when someone has it and appears quite normal on the outside but is actually a little deranged. Sara’s biological father abused her mother, and she exhibited symptoms of schizophrenia at a young age. Once upon a time, she was plagued by what Reinaldo referred to as “the serpents in the mind,” or the whispers that encourage people to act violently toward others or even themselves.

Sara attempted suicide by bashing her head against a wall/mirror and attempted murder by interfering with Nicandro’s bicycle brakes. Sara was in a number of unhealthy relationships, including one with Cesar when she became pregnant. Sara’s horrific notebook drawings, which were likely inspired by the voices in her head, made her the ideal candidate for Reinaldo’s experiment.

For this reason, Reinaldo devised a magnificent plan to manufacture Sara’s death in the real world in order to transport her to the Medusa Center, where he could experiment on her in the way he had always dreamed of. Reinaldo maintained a close eye on Sara and her family after learning about her mental state from Tonya.

He orchestrated Alex’s dismissal from his gym and subsequent visit to the one where he met Rodolfo and was introduced by Sara. Reinaldo planned for his son Nicandro to peddle narcotics to Sara because he wanted her and Alex to be fully integrated into the Lazcano family. For added effect, Reinaldo convinced Sara’s best friend, Marifer, to keep an eye on her and encourage her to see her schizophrenic father, Abel Martinez, in a psychiatric hospital.

To ensure that no one would ever again try to locate Sara, Reinaldo had Marifer tamper with the parachute ropes to create the illusion of an accident. Cesar’s strategy was nearly flawless until Alex was put to prison for feigning responsibility for Sara’s accident.

Due to his fixation on finding a treatment for homosexuality, Reinaldo had also been keeping tabs on other patients at the Medusa Center. It was unclear what he was trying to accomplish, and he acted out of his own motivations.

Even by the end of Season 3 of “Who Killed Sara?,” he still hadn’t realized that loving someone of the same gender isn’t a mental disorder, despite his best efforts to heal his daughter, Daniela. Even worse, Reinaldo traumatized Chema in the name of “treatment,” as he saw it. Thankfully, Chema realized that he shouldn’t try to suppress his sexual orientation and should instead honor his feelings.

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Is She Dead?

who killed sara season 3

Question: “Who Did This to Sara?” The third season opened with a bombshell. With the assistance of the police, Alex uncovered Sara’s tomb and discovered an empty casket, leading him to announce with absolute conviction that Sara was still alive. Sara, in reality, did not perish in the paragliding tragedy. Her father, Reinaldo Gómez, was in charge of the airlift to Mexico City after she had internal injuries and was taken there by Nicandro.

Narcissistic and driven by a desire to make a name for himself, Reinaldo set out to revolutionize the practice of psychiatry. To that end, he considered developing a medication that might treat both schizophrenia and homosexuality. Despite Reinaldo’s conventional views, the latter is not a mental disorder.

He may have a Ph.D. in neuropsychology, but that wouldn’t alter his outlook. Daniela, Reinaldo’s daughter, and a homosexual was put away in Cuernavaca at a facility he had built specifically for her called the Medusa Center. It was there that Reinaldo locked up Sara and experimented on her in an effort to find a treatment for schizophrenia.

As part of the trepanation process, Reinaldo bored a hole in Sara’s skull, and the agony was too much for Sara to handle. She found a knife when she was a patient there and stabbed herself to death to escape the hellish treatment she was receiving from the facility’s vicious psychiatrist.

Sara died in the Medusa Center, along with hundreds of other patients trapped and exploited by Reinaldo. They were buried in a large pasture of land somewhere in Cuernavaca, whose location was revealed to Alex by a woman named Tonya Calderon.

Tonya used to work as a nurse for Dr. Hugo Alanis Musa, the doctor whom Sara’s mother, Lucia, had contacted to treat Sara for her schizophrenia. While working for Alanis, Tonya learned about Sara and informed Reinaldo, who was eagerly looking for a subject to experiment with for his Medusa Project.

At the end of ‘Who Killed Sara?’ In season 3, Cesar, a womanizer and previous lover of Tonya abducted Tonya at gunpoint to help Alex find out what exactly happened to Sara at the Medusa Center.

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