Is Sid Dead or Alive: in Hollyoaks, Has Sid Sumner Actually Died?

This month, Hollyoaks has provided its viewers with a significant new question to ponder: what exactly has happened to Sid Sumner, who was a fan favorite?

Last week, Sid, played by Billy Price, appeared to be eliminated from the show when drug dealer Victor Brothers used extreme measures to prevent him from providing incriminating information to the authorities.

An emotional Ste After some time had passed, Hay disseminated the information that Sid had passed away in his arms; however, a behind-the-scenes video that was subsequently published on Hollyoaks’ social sites suggested that there may be more to the story.

Have trouble following what’s going on and keeping up? The following is everything that we currently know about the exciting plot development.

The Death Scene

Sid’s courageous efforts to bring down Victor’s drug peddling enterprise from the inside ultimately led to what appears to be his downfall. Sid’s death appears to have been the result of these efforts. The young man had been working for Victor diligently for several weeks in order to collect sufficient evidence to bring the adult to justice.

Is sid Dead Or Alive

After forming a partnership with James Nightingale, Sid struck gold when he was able to film Victor admitting responsibility for the crimes he had committed. Sadly, before Sid could take this and the rest of the evidence to the police, drug addict Ollie Morgan tipped off Victor about his employee’s betrayal. Ollie Morgan shared the details with Victor in exchange for another hit. Sid was unable to take the evidence to the police.

Sid was stabbed to death by a vengeful Victor in the parking lot of The Dog, after which Victor ran away from the scene. It appeared as though Sid was in his last moments when Ste caught up with him, as the damaged figure was making a valiant effort to cling to life.

In the following episode, Ste posted a heartbreaking message on the group chat for the village’s parents, detailing that the previous day, he had held Sid as he passed away while he was holding him. The residents in the area went into a state of shock, and a brief memorial service for Sid was held on the City Wall.

Some viewers were suspicious since there was a time gap of one day between episodes, and they thought that this would indicate that there was a twist that wasn’t shown on screen. Nevertheless, there has not been any suggestion on-screen that anything is wrong up to this point.

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Interviews with Billy Price

Following the broadcast of Sid’s stabbing, Billy Price’s early talks with the media did not inspire much optimism among viewers that his character would be spared.

It appeared as though Billy was having his farewell conversation with the Daily Star, and he seemed to imply that it really was Sid’s last day: “It was required of me to keep it a secret. I was unable to publish any content on the internet.

“It was depressing to film, but I’ve done a good number of sequences in Hollyoaks when I lay on the cold and damp ground, so I’m used to working in potentially hazardous conditions.

“The scenario and the conclusion of Sid’s adventure both had a certain charm to them,” the author writes.

On the other hand, some other Hollyoaks fans pointed out that none of Billy’s interviews really went into detail about his plans for the future, which is very typical for cast members who are leaving the show.

Billy also disclosed to The Mirror that he found out about Sid’s passing only two weeks before the scenes were scheduled to be filmed. It seems like a quite harsh way to dismiss someone, doesn’t it?

Is sid Dead Or Alive

Initial Credits

In most cases, Hollyoaks takes rapid action to remove the names of departed cast members from the show’s opening credits. When the producers of the show tried to trick viewers into believing that a character had died in 2019, even the original character Tony Hutchinson was removed from the sequence.

In Sid’s case, he is still present in the opening titles in a shot with some of the other teen characters. Fans are given optimism for his comeback because this may signal that he is still under contract to appear as a regular on Hollyoaks.

There is also the possibility that Sid’s tapes, which were recorded with the intention of bringing down Victor, would play a visible on-screen role in future episodes, which is why he is still being credited.

Or is it possible that the Hollyoaks production staff just hasn’t gotten around to removing Sid from the titles yet because filming has been so chaotic as a result of COVID-19?

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