Our House Final Ending Explained: Where Did Fi and Bram Go?

The ITV drama Our House has kept fans on the edge of their seats all the way up until the heartbreaking conclusion thanks to its abundance of unexpected twists and turns.

The psychological thriller is an adaptation of Louise Candlish’s best-selling novel of the same name, and it centers on the dissolution of the marriage between Fi (played by Tuppence Middleton) and Bram (Martin Compston). Middleton, who played Fi in Our House, has described the film as a “tragic love story.”

When Bram has sexual relations with a friend of the family, she puts in motion a chain of tragic events that ultimately results in the destruction of their family, home, and virtually everything else in their lives.

A prior interview with Compston hinted that the ITV thriller “really goes wild… it goes to places you really don’t expect.”

What exactly took place to Fi and Bram after the events of Our House’s conclusion, which featured a quite ominous turn of events? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about how the ITV drama comes to a close.

The Fate of Fi and Bram in the Final Episode of Our House is Revealed

Our House Final Ending Explained

Bram has been on the defensive throughout each and every one of the four episodes of Our House. Because he was being blackmailed for a terrible tragedy that resulted in the death of a little child, he was at the mercy of Toby (played by Rupert Penry-Jones) and Wendy, who was acting as an accomplice (Buket Komuro).

All of that changed in episode 4, when Bram went missing, which sent Toby into a tailspin since he feared he would lose his money. Bram made one final effort to save his family by attempting to flee the country using a forged passport and the login information for a bank account that contained £1.7 million.

After Toby’s threat that he would hurt Fi’s children if she didn’t find Bram and the money, Fi finally realized what a bad apple Toby was. Toby threatened to hurt Fi’s children if she didn’t find Bram and the money. Back at the apartment, Fi invited Toby over, luring him with the false pretenses that Bram was on his way. She was equipped with proof from Bram’s burner phone, which she had stuffed full of evidence.

She made the most of the opportunity to learn the truth about what had transpired, including how Toby had become a part of her life and how he had blackmailed Bram into ending his own life. She didn’t seem to have completely worked out the finer details, though, and when Toby called Bram’s phone and located it under Fi’s bag, there was a knife that was already ready to be used.

Unless she lied… Toby was collapsing in pain, and it soon became clear that Fi had poisoned him with Merle’s sleeping pills and Bram’s antidepressants. As he collapsed, Fi ploughed her stiletto into his face to demonstrate her might and then locked herself in the bathroom to avoid more conflict.

As soon as she heard silence, Fi quietly emerged from the bathroom to discover Toby’s lifeless body lying in a puddle of his own vomit. When Merle saw Fi cleaning up, she volunteered to assist out and also gave her an alibi.

When Wendy drove over to Toby’s apartment, she found his car sitting outside and was about to leave when she saw the body being removed and Fi being taken away by the police.

Fi tried to tell the police her side of the story without giving away the fact that she knew anything, but it was evident from their line of inquiry that they didn’t believe her. She insisted she’d never met “Mike” before, which was sort of accurate given that she’d been under the impression that she already knew Toby for most of their time together.

In the meantime, Bram, who had been hiding away in a hotel in an undisclosed area, went for a stroll one day without realizing the police were on the lookout for him.

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Fi returned to Merle’s to see her sons and appeared resolved to go on with her life, with the expectation that the police would be able to retrieve part of the money fraudulently taken from her so that she could use it to buy a new home. She was taken aback when the doorbell rang and the investigator announced that she had discovered a video of Bram’s that was “a confession and a suicide note.”

His wife listened in horror as Bram explained everything that had happened, from the car accident death to Toby and Mike’s complicity to Fi’s innocence of fraud. In other words, Fi was now the main suspect in Mike/murder of Toby when it was discovered that she had lied to the police about her relationship with Mike/Toby.

In Light of the Circumstances Surrounding Mike’s/death, Toby’s Did Police Ever Consider Charging Fi?

Our House Final Ending Explained

There is a good chance that Fi will be arrested for the murder of Mike, and she will most likely be found guilty of the crime.

Her husband, Bram, inadvertently gave away the game and revealed that she was in a relationship with someone who she thought was “Toby,” before adding that this was actually the same person as “Mike.” Her relationship with “Toby” had been a cover for her relationship with “Mike.”

At the conclusion of the film, “Our House,” Fi is seen sitting in the back of a police car, wistfully gazing out the window at the house that she cherished so deeply while any hope of making a fresh start fades away with each passing second.

Although the conclusion of the show left it unclear what would happen to Fi, it is reasonable to believe that she would be charged with Mike’s murder given how difficult it would be to exonerate her at this point.

Is This the Same Resolution as in the Novel Our House?

The screenplay written by Simon Ashdown is, for the most part, loyal to the novel written by Louise Candlish by the same name.

The girl who is killed in the vehicle accident is 10 years old in the novel, while in the series, she is only 8 years old. This is one of several minor discrepancies that can be found throughout.

The manner in which Bram admits his guilt is a significant point of contrast. In the book, the protagonist, Bram, composes a letter in which he explains everything that has happened and how he was involved in the fraudulent selling of his marital house. The show, on the other hand, reveals that this was accomplished through the use of a voice recording, which, for obvious reasons, works far better on television.

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